Colorado Judge Resigns After Using N-word

A Colorado judge resigned after being accused of using racist language with colleagues and accused by the state Supreme Court.

The Colorado Supreme Court said Judge Natalie T. Chase of the District Court for Arapahoe County used multiple N-words with her colleagues and was often not racist. According to court documents We recommend Chase’s disciplinary action and public accusations from the courts.

The document details the 2020 case in which Chase, a former lawyer and family court facilitator, returned to work by car after attending an event in Pueblo, Colorado.

“Judge Chase is white and the facilitator of the family court is black,” the document read. “On the way back from Pueblo, Judge Chase tells the family court facilitator why blacks can use N-words but whites can’t, N-words are” er “or” a “at the end of the word. “

“During the conversation, Judge Chase used the full N-word many times,” the document said.

According to the document, the facilitator was uncomfortable and “angry and hurt in the conversation.” “She explained that Judge Chase’s use of the full N-word was” every time piercing my heart, “but for fear of retaliation, she chased her discomfort and emotions. I was worried about sharing.

After the incident, Chase made other derogatory remarks, including telling his colleagues that he would boycott the Super Bowl because he opposed the NFL player who was kneeling in the middle of the national anthem in protest of police atrocities against blacks. I did. “People” is written.

After the death of George Floyd, who died in 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota Former police officer Derek Chauvin Chase knelt on his neck and commented on the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests across the United States.

When two black court employees were discussing a protest in Judge Chase’s court, she told them “some of her opinions on the issue of racial justice” and “Black to one employee.”・ I asked a question about the Lives Matter movement. “

“Employees tried to explain the Black Lives Matter movement, but Judge Chase said he believed that all life was important,” the document said. “Judge Chase also said police officers’ actions in the George Floyd case should be investigated.”

Several other cases where Chase talked to a colleague or mistreated a colleague called another judge “f ****** b ****” while she was talking to a clerk. It is mentioned in court documents, including the case called.

The court said the judge violated four separate judicial rules, undermining confidence in the judiciary. The Colorado Commission on judicial disciplinary cases recommended that the court publicly condemn or condemn Chase, and the court demanded her resignation.

Chase claimed that he was “not intended for racial anima,” but her remarks violated the rule “requires judges to act in a way that promotes public confidence in the judiciary.” I admitted that. She admitted that the use of the N-ward “does not promote public confidence in the judiciary and appears inappropriate.”

Chase submitted a resignation, which the Colorado Supreme Court accepted. CBS Denver Report..

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