Columbus police release graphic body camera footage of Maquia Bryant shooting

Screenshot of body cam footage

Screenshot of body cam footage from a police officer who shot and killed a 15-year-old girl in Columbus on Tuesday. Courtesy of Columbus Police Station

  • Police in Columbus, Ohio, killed a 15-year-old Makia Briant on Tuesday.

  • The released body camera footage shows her running towards the other two girls as the policeman approaches.

  • The policeman fired several bullets at Bryant as she appeared to be attacking one of the girls.

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Police segment Body camera image What was shown at a press conference on Tuesday following the deadly police shooting of 15-year-old Makia Briant in Columbus, Ohio, was that she fled the officer while she had what police called a knife. Indicates that you are.

The disturbing video was shown at a press conference on Tuesday night. According to interim Columbus police chief Michael Woods, police were dispatched to 3171 Legion Lane in the Walnut Heights area at 4:36 pm. I was at the scene.

Police arrived at the two-story house at 4:44 pm, and footage shows a group of six to eight people gathering in front of the house.

Within the first few seconds of their arrival, the Maquia Briant appeared to hit the body camera’s field of view, pushing another girl to the ground.

Brian then escapes from the policeman and appears to be waving a knife at another girl standing by the hood of the car.

The policeman then fires the weapon at Bryant multiple times. When she falls to the ground, the knife appears to fall next to her.

The entire incident occurs within the first 15 seconds of the video.

Two police officers then move towards Bryant and call for medical assistance. Meanwhile, waiting people can be heard yelling, “She’s just a kid,” and “Are you stupid?”

According to Woods, public recording law requires police to blur the boy’s face in the video, adding that the recording does nothing but blur the face.

City officials said not all footage could be released from the scene while waiting for a review from the Criminal Investigation Bureau, which leads an independent investigation of the case.

Previously identified family Bryant as a victim. Franklin County Children’s Service confirmed her identity on Tuesday night, Columbus dispatch report.

Hazel Bryant Told the dispatch Makia Bryant said she was her niece and she lived in a foster parent in Legion Lane, where the shooting took place. She said the victim had a quarrel with someone else at home when the police were called.

An unidentified police officer has been removed from duty.

“It’s a tragic day in Columbus. It’s a horrifying and tragic situation,” Mayor Andrew J. Ginther said at a press conference Tuesday night. “It’s incomplete at this point, so I felt transparent by sharing this video.”

According to Woods, the protocol allows police officers to use deadly forces to protect themselves and others. He said the BCI would conduct an investigation and assess whether the actions of police officers were justified.

Warning: The video below contains both graphic images and languages.

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