Comedian DC Curry reveals why Terry Crews replaced Tommy Lister’s role as Devo in the “Friday” franchise


Terry Crews He has a statue-like physique and a bit of contingency to thank him for helping him start his acting career 20 years ago.

For many, the 6’2’former NFL player seems to have appeared overnight when he first appeared as one of the stars in the comedy flick “White Chicks” in 2004. But the crew actually won one of his more notable acting roles two years ago. Appeared in the third installment of the “Friday” franchise of rapper actor Ice Cube.

Terry Crews (left) and Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr. (right) Photo: @ terrycrews, @ officialtinylister / Instagram

Terry Crews (left) and Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr. (right) Photo: @ terrycrews, @ officialtinylister / Instagram

Comedian DC Curry, who played Uncle Elroy as Cube’s character Craig in the movie, revealed an unexpected inside story that the crew happened to be in the right place and at the right time to land the gig.

“We were filming. I think it was’Friday After Next’. And Tiny [Tommy Lister Jr. who played Deebo] There were some conflicts, so the producer went out to hire a director, “Curry shared while performing at the Big Tigger Morning Show. Curry went on to explain how Lister’s explosion ultimately sacrificed his role in the film. “he [the director] Said, “The man goes to get the cube.” The cube came out of the trailer. And had His little exchange with Tiny. Tiny, as you know, was taking action. “

Even with Lister, the film still needed a physically dominant male character to rival the characters of Cube and his co-star Mike Epps. Fortunately, the crew wasn’t too far away.

“Terry Crews was our servant. He parked his car in a small shirt and his muscles were sticking out everywhere. Ice Cube left the parking lot and told Terry Crews,” Hey, Can you act? ” The crew said, “Yeah,” and that was the beginning of Terry’s film career, “Curry recalled.

The crew himself didn’t mention how he came to appear in the film, but he spoke openly about the overall start of the acting. “The transition to my acting from The crew explained, breaking his career at Vanity Fair in 2020. “I moved to Los Angeles to get behind the scenes of entertainment and broke.”

Crew Currently host “America’s Got Talent” made him a more general name in addition to his numerous film and television roles throughout his career.

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