Comedian Fuquan Johnson of three who died from an apparent overdose involving fentanyl: Report

Veteran comedian Fuquan Johnson was reportedly one of three people who apparently died from overdose after attending a party in Los Angeles on Friday.

A fourth person, comic Kate Quigley, was hospitalized in crisis, but Johnson and two others were sentenced to death on the scene after authorities arrived. TMZ report.

Authorities have not disclosed the cause of death, but TMZ reports that it appears to have ingested cocaine contaminated with fentanyl.

The LA Coroners Office will perform an autopsy to determine how the three died.

Johnson was 42 years old. The other two victims have not been publicly identified.

The party took place in Venice’s Southern California area, and Quigley reportedly lived in a neighboring residence.

Quigley was identified by TMZ as a recent girlfriend of country singer Darius Rucker. The musician representative tells the outlet that he is not currently dating.

In addition to his stand-up career, Johnson was credited as the writer of the 2020 episode of the “Comedy Parlor Live: Quarantine Edition” television series.

Johnson and Quigley were reportedly known to be friends.