Comedian Kate Quigley speaks after surviving an overdose suspected of killing three people

Comedian Kate Quigley issued a statement on Saturday, September 11, after surviving allegations of accidental overdose at a party that killed three people last week. The deceased include comedians Fuquan Johnson and Enrico Colangeli.

39-year-old Quigley shared a statement about her twitter When Instagram, “Hey everyone. After being released from the hospital, I finally have the time and clarity to write my feelings on paper. This means from the bottom of my heart.”

She began her statement by thanking those who contacted her last week.

“I am overwhelmed by the kind message and I am very grateful to be surrounded by a strong community of friends, family, colleagues and fans who helped me during this time. To a team of emergency medical, nurses and doctors who saved my life, “she wrote. “I’m still shocked and devastated by the loss of my friends Fu, Rico, and Natalie. I can’t put into words the pain I’m feeling. I’ll change forever with their death. increase.”

Quigley continued her statement, sharing a few words about Johnson, Collangeri, and their friend Natalie Williamson, the third dead victim.

“Fu was a generous and affectionate soul,” she writes. “He was cheerful, supportive, incredibly authentic with the most infectious spirit. Rico was always enthusiastic and Natalie was a very kind and affectionate person. They were each my life. And marked the lives of their loved ones indelibly. I miss them. “

Kate Quigley and Fukan Johnson will be seen on May 15, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.  (Gotpap / Bauer-Griffin / GC image)

Kate Quigley and Fukan Johnson will be seen on May 15, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Gotpap / Bauer-Griffin / GC image)

The comedian goes on to write, “My heart is on their friends and family. Think about them.”

“I have a lot more to say, but I’m not ready,” she said. “When I am, I do. Until then, all I can say is tell your people that you love them every day. Good luck. And take life for granted. Don’t think. I did, and I never do. “

Last Thursday, September 9th, Quigley broke silence on suspicion of accidental overdose and shared a short message on the official social media channel.on Instagram When twitter, She shared a photo with a text overlay like this: “You don’t have to know how to move on. Let’s start with the simple things … never go back, etc.”

“♥ -I’ve been away from the phone for a while. For a while, Proley does,” she wrote in the Instagram caption. “I’m still physically and mentally healed. But reading all these positive messages from u everyone is really Makin I cry tonight. Thank you very much. I don’t know how useful it is. “

Johnson, 43, Corangeli, 48, and Williamson, 33, were all sentenced to death in a private residence in Venice, California, on Saturday, September 4, LA County Medical Inspector-Coroner. Spokesman said today.

LAPD spokesman Officer Mike Lopez Los Angeles Times “There were no signs of fraudulent play,” he said. Authorities suspected that the victim had overdose, but did not identify or identify which drug was involved.

The next day, Johnson, Colangerie, and Williamson were examined, but the exact cause of death has not yet been identified.