Comedian Russell Brand has become a powerful voice for anti-vacers

Photo Illustration / Photo Getty by The Daily Beast

Photo Illustration / Photo Getty by The Daily Beast

If there’s one thing most people didn’t have on the 2021 Bingo card, it’s the anti-Vaxer who’s obsessed with British comedian Russell Brand on a conspiracy-theoretic YouTube channel. prize.

NS Caught man Sarah Marshall Actors have always presented themselves as contrarians, “free thinkers” who are not afraid to challenge established views or squirt into government (both Britain and the United States).

But recently, the brand, which has always seemed to be biased towards his political beliefs, has found a fan base loyal to the right-wing conservatives and anti-vaxxers flocking to his YouTube and Facebook accounts. -Called the “voice of reason”.

He is enthusiastic about this fan base and interviewed right-wing trolls Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens, but disagrees with them in certain respects. In June He asked the watcher if he should accept the invitation to Fox News’ network.Most agreed that he should. “I recommend Tucker. He’s very fair,” commented one fan.

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The title of his video can be designed to be delighted or furious, depending heavily on the political position of the viewer, with a great deal of reliance on the following incredible Clickbait titles: Often.Did you think Biden couldn’t sink anymore? Think again! !!, “”Did liberals use feminism to justify the Afghan cluster F * ck?, “”Shocking Wuhan Evidence: Did Fauci Lie?,” When “So … Trump was right about Clinton and Russia.. “

But over the past few weeks, brands have also had problems with vaccines, questioning the FDA’s credibility and asking whether vaccine obligations are an attack on people’s physical freedom. Call the vaccine the “gold rush” and consider whether people can trust Bill Gates... Most recently, the brand has declared that it has “vaccine apartheid.” CNN Anchor Don Lemon Chasing After he called on people who refused to vaccinate.

And the brand struck the viewer’s gold mine in his video. His videos, which appear to be monetized, are often played millions of times on YouTube and Facebook, and his comment section is a hotbed of misinformation.

His ratings rebelled against Dr. Anthony Fauci, ridiculing the phrase “follow science”, talking about ivermectin microdosing, and claiming that his loved one died as a result of vaccination.

“Did he wake up completely after I last checked, or was I completely wrong about him,” the user commented on the brand’s video. Facebook claims unreliable disclaimer on posts containing medically incorrect information.. “I thought he was one of these crazy people who think CNN is the real news.”

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Russell Brand on YouTube Show

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Russell Brand on YouTube Show


YouTube announced on Wednesday plans to crack down on content disseminating medically false information posted on the platform, saying it had already deleted more than 130,000 videos within the past year of violating the COVID-19 vaccine policy. Said. “We’re checking out the videos created by The Daily Beast,” YouTube said of the brand’s channel.

The brand’s YouTube channel has long been an unplanned and rambling place for comedians to post conversation-style videos. He picked up political or trivial topics, rattled his opinion for the next 10 minutes, and occasionally interviewed guests on this issue.

These videos didn’t necessarily fail, but the brand recently found a core audience when they started talking about COVID-19 and political topics after Donald Trump resigned.

And for every Clickbait title in the brand, his actual video isn’t as enthusiastic as the name implies. He tends to unintentionally circle topics, acting as a “just asking” man, providing his own valuable little insights, repeating suspicious vaccine skepticism of others. for example,”Can You Really Trust the Vaccine Fact Checker ??!He is simply reading a suspicious report by the Russian state news department RT Follow different tangents line by line. December 2020 video “Covid Vaccine-Skepticism or Trust?Was released just as the vaccine was rolled out in the UK, and saw and shared a series of clips of vaccine skeptics being interviewed on the streets by the brand. “I’m not saying’vaccine’, but I’m against an increase in’government authority’and a decrease in’concern’,’individual freedom’.

of “Vaccine Duty: Assault on Your Physical Freedom?The brand, launched on September 16th, said, “The idea of ​​mandating something, it’s authoritarianism. That’s it. It tells people that they have to do something … I They never tell anyone what they should do with their bodies, but I think it’s pretty important and serious about this issue, that’s my personal view … “he later mistakenly” who I went with my body [the lockdowns] Imposing orders “patriotic” in the early stages of a pandemic, and now imposing orders, would violate the “principle of freedom … the very principle by which a country like the United States was established.”

rear Joe Rogan admitted that he was infected with COVID-19 and was taking ivermectinThe brand, which is also used to deworm and treat horses, quickly jumped at the chance to lament that the media was “very cynical about his cure.”

“”[What] What’s interesting is how Logan is treated by their desire to blame what they have to call the mainstream media, and in a way with certain prejudices, “he says. The FDA warned people about using drugs to treat COVID-19 Because of its dangerous side effects.

Then he reads aloud Journalist Matt Taibbi’s Substack Post Regarding ivermectin and its popularity among politically right-wingers, people say, “Science is not without prejudice. [and] Science exists within certain economic and financial constraints and has specific economic and financial obligations. “

“I don’t recommend anyone doing anything,” the brand later revealed, saying he didn’t want “worse” from YouTube. “I really don’t feel the tendency or qualification to do things of that nature.”

And at the takedown of Lemon’s appearance at Chris Cuomo’s CNN show, he New York Times Story and recent Kaiser Family Foundation Report It classifies unvaccinated groups and why. He quickly overtakes those who refuse to be vaccinated because of their religious beliefs, they respect their personal freedom, and their primary authority does not receive orders from the government. Infers that it is based on religion. The brand then analyzes the KFF report and points out legitimate concerns about vaccination by minority groups. For example, getting childcare to grow, worrying about absenteeism in the event of side effects, or hesitating to get an unvaccinated vaccine. FDA approved. He does not mention the extreme rarity of people who have serious side effects on the vaccine, and states that even if Pfizer’s vaccine is approved, the FDA is unreliable.

Dr. Sadhya Khan, an epidemiologist and assistant professor of medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, told The Daily Beast that the brand and anyone else would never hesitate to ask or take the vaccine. Told. He says it’s important to get answers from reliable sources.

“I think it’s really important for everyone to think for themselves,” she says. “I’m not at all dissatisfied with addressing individual-level questions, individual-level discussions, or individual concerns. What’s frustrating is that in the absence of rational conversation, false information can be misleading. If there is, or if there is a blatant lie related to FDA approval. “

Dr. Rebecca Weintraub, an assistant professor in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School, agrees. “I think the most important thing is to go to the source and look at the original data for these discussions and decisions.”

“There was both distrust of science and the politicization of this pandemic,” she adds. “We understand why people are asking questions about vaccines and asking good questions. Start a conversation with a health care provider who knows to talk directly to a health care provider trained as a clinician. recommend to.”

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<p>Healthcare workers accompany a Covid-19 patient while preparing a 45-year-old unvaccinated patient from the stomach to the back in the cardiovascular intensive care unit of the Providence Cedars-Sinital Zana Medical Center in Tarzana. increase.  , California, September 2, 2021.</ p> </ div> </p>
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Healthcare workers accompany a Covid-19 patient while preparing a 45-year-old unvaccinated patient from the stomach to the back in the cardiovascular intensive care unit of the Providence Cedars-Sinital Zana Medical Center in Tarzana. increase. , California, September 2, 2021.

Apu Gomes / AFP / Getty “src =”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTQ3MA–/ qFyXg24wYf.s1f4wQ-~ B / aD03ODA7dz0xMTcwO2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u /″ class=”caas-img”

Healthcare workers accompany a Covid-19 patient preparing to turn an unvaccinated 45-year-old patient from the stomach to the back in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at the Providence Cedars-Sinital Zana Medical Center in Tarzana, California. increase. September 2, 2021.

Apu Gomes / AFP / Getty

Even if someone is distrustful of government agencies, Khan and Waitraub say they need to visit the CDC and FDA websites to review primary data as part of their information gathering.

However, Weintraub and Khan draw a line on brands that appear to indicate the idea that it is safe to take drugs such as ivermectin as an alternative to treating or avoiding COVID-19.

“It’s almost ridiculous that the side effects of vaccines are used as a reason for not advancing safe and effective ones and have been shown to prevent from COVID,” says Kahn. “Next, I list some side effects using drugs that have no evidence of protection but can cause headaches, dizziness, muscle aches, nausea, or diarrhea.”

“The drug he mentions doesn’t work for the treatment of COVID-19. There are no data,” Weintraub adds. “There is no reliable data. I don’t give it to my family. I don’t give it to patients. I don’t give you a drug that is ineffective in treating COVID-19, not as a doctor. I will not give it. “

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Waitraub encourages those who hesitate to listen to vaccine experts, just as they do to experts in other industries.

“An example that comes to mind is when you bring your car in for repairs and ask the mechanic,” Is the brakes working? ” And he says, “Yes, I tested them, they are safe, you can drive a car.” Then I get into the car and drive with him, acknowledging my mechanic’s expertise that he tested the brakes. The brakes may not work in rare events. However, I rely on the right expertise and do not assume that I can become a mechanics expert overnight. “

Kahn acknowledges that in this era of large amounts of information with multiple different opinions and beliefs, it can be difficult to know who to trust, especially if the information comes from a prominent person. ..

For celebrities like brands with millions of followers, Waitraub says he is responsible for providing accurate information to those seeking advice. But she says experts are happy to help his platform to make sure his followers have the best information available.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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