Comedian’s son Tony Baker, 21, died in a car accident in Los Angeles

Serene Anthony Lakewon Baker and two others died in three car accidents

comedian Tony Baker I mourn the death of my 21-year-old son, who died tragically in a car accident on Tuesday.

Serene Anthony Lakewon Baker Two others were killed in three car accidents in Burbank, California. NBC4 report.. Their car was hit by a gray Kia car racing with a driver in a black Mercedes-Benz. Police arrived at the scene of the wreck in North Glenokes Boulevard on Andover Drive around 11:30 pm and found Baker and other victims being expelled from the silver Volkswagen. ..

Serene Baker

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Sgt. Emil Brimway Burbank police officials told the outlet that the victims were not breathing by the time police responded on the scene. They were declared dead and coroners later identified them as Bakers. Jay Denkishon Johnson, And 19 years old Natalie Asalmo Gadam..

The fourth victim was taken to the hospital after being seriously injured.

“Executives found a second vehicle involved, the gray Kia, which was only on the driver,” says Brimway. “The driver of Kia was seriously injured and was transferred to a local trauma center for treatment.”

Police suspect that the severe accident may be related to speed racing and could be prosecuted. There is still no confirmation of who was holding the handle of Volkswagen.

The black Mercedes driver and passengers were not injured. They were interviewed by police and then released.

One of the cars in the collision was “partially broken in half,” officials said. A car parked nearby was also damaged.

Brimway has declared in his 20-year career that he “has never seen anything like this.”

“As a result of preliminary research, Kia and Mercedes-Benz seemed to be racing, moving north on Glenokes Boulevard a few blocks at high speed,” Brimway said. “Volkswagen was trying to negotiate a left turn from Glenokes Boulevard to the south to Andover Drive to the east when the car accident occurred.”

Brimway added that the cause of the accident was being investigated by a Burbank police traffic detective, but said there were public warnings about speed racing.

“We recently put out a public service announcement about speeding and street racing, and how it’s illegal and dangerous,” Brimway said.

“We also regularly carry out targeted enforcement with transportation and patrol officers.”

The catastrophic crash happened on the same day as the Los Angeles city council Monica Rodriguez Make a move to discourage street racing.

Los Angeles councilor Monica Rodriguez said while introducing the motion on Tuesday, “execution is not the only solution.” NBC Los Angeles.. “We also need to include a proactive approach with street design elements that make it difficult for drivers to perform the types of street takeovers and speed events that endanger our community. “

Tony Baker

(Credit: Tony Baker / Facebook)

Baker hasn’t publicly commented on his son’s death yet, but fans use social media to express their deepest condolences.

“We would like to express our condolences to comedy brother Tony Baker for the death of his eldest son, Serene Anthony Lakewon Baker, and two other young people in a severe car accident on Tuesday night.” real Co-sponsored Roni Love Tweeted.

People from Chicago were affectionately called “your favorite comedian’s favorite comedian” and became famous for the stand-up circuit.Some of his appearances also include HBO All-def comedy, NBC Car Michael Shaw (Season 2), NBC finalist Last Comic Standing..

Baker also released his comedy special Tony Baker and Friends September 2020.

Former soccer player Serene also gained fame as an artist.He appeared on a youtube show Lifes A Joke He talked about the relationship between music and his famous father.

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