Commander of the Australian Vaccination Task Force breaks record in political turmoil

Lieutenant John Fruen, head of the Vaccination Task Force, said after Scott Morrison, Queensland’s Anastasia Parasek and Janet Young seemed to give conflicting advice to Australians about AstraZeneca. Resolved the dispute over vaccination eligibility. vaccine.

On Monday, the prime minister said People under 40 You can get the AstraZeneca vaccine by consulting with your GP and making informed choices.

“If they want to go and talk to their doctor and take advantage of the AstraZeneca vaccine, they can,” Morrison said. When asked I wish people under the age of 40 could get a jab right away.

However, this advice was denied by Queensland’s Prime Minister Anastasia Parasekuk. Told reporters On Wednesday, “I don’t think this is the time to endanger the safety of our young Australians … when the UK doesn’t even allow them under the age of 40 to get the AstraZeneca vaccine.”

Frewen, commander of the Federal Vaccination Task Force, Speaking to Nine Today Show On Thursday, the advice from the Australian Technical Advisory Group (ATAGI) on immunity has not changed.

“ATAGI’s advice hasn’t changed, and medical advice hasn’t changed, which means you can give informed consent to any of the vaccines available,” Frewen said. “Both of the vaccines we currently have are safe.”

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COVID-19 Task Force Commander Major John Fluen at a press conference at the Houses of Parliament in Canberra on June 18, 2021. (AAP image / Mick Tsikas)

While clarifying the Prime Minister’s comments, Australia said it had prioritized Pfizer vaccines for people over the age of 40 until Pfizer shipments arrived in October.

“The Prime Minister recently announced that people under the age of 40 can make informed choices with their doctors about whether to access AstraZeneca now or wait for an alternative vaccine later this year. “He said.

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Dr. Janet Young, Chief Health Officer of Queensland, spoke at a press conference in Brisbane, Australia, on June 29, 2021. (JonoSearle / Getty Images)

Rare blood coagulation disorders are a major cause of confusion, and Dr. Janet Young, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, said the risk is higher for young people. Her advice on Wednesday was for people under the age of 40 to wait for Pfizer without the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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Dr. Janet Young, Chief Health Officer of Queensland, took off his face mask and spoke at a press conference in Brisbane, Australia, on June 29, 2021. (Jono Searle / Getty Images)

“AstraZeneca under the age of 40 is at high risk of developing rare coagulation syndrome and does not want to take AstraZeneca.” young Said. “I don’t want 18-year-olds in Queensland to die of coagulopathy. If they get infected with COVID, they probably won’t die.”

In addition to the turmoil, the media sought clarification about this advice and how it contradicts the Prime Minister’s advice.

Queensland opposition leader David Krisafurli also called for the end of the conflict between the two layers of government and warned that the lack of clarity in the matter encouraged hesitation.

But on Thursday, Young defended her comment, saying: Now people need to figure out where they want to get their advice. “

Palaszczuk also denied her statement that the British government “does not allow” AstraZeneca vaccination under the age of 40.

She later shared a link to a BBC article on Twitter, saying that AstraZeneca’s “alternatives” could be given to AstraZeneca’s 18-39 year olds, “if possible, if not causing delays in vaccination.” Stated.

Since the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, about 2,600 people under the age of 40 have opted for the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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