Commercial fishermen may support tracker protests in Ottawa, but additional convoys will rally locally across the country

Derek Collier, sailing a moderately sized fishing vessel from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, called a lobster stalker, is frigid almost every day when trekking to the Atlantic Ocean hoping to get enough cargo to justify honesty. The weather, sleepless nights, fighting the angry sea life.

Collier, a former truck driver, understands the lifeline that both the trucking industry and the fishing industry bring to Canadians. He said he was ready to rally backup support if the truck driver needed some help to protest government restrictions and orders.

“This is what we can do if they need us,” Collier said in an interview. “If truck drivers want a backup plan and they want it publicly, you’ll see a large number of commercial fishermen moving forward for this.”

Collier started a drive to recruit other fishermen on January 27 and worked there until late at night. And while he admits he can’t wake up a fleet overnight, the industry has the ability to make a quick statement and block the entire Primorskaya region and the ports of the St. Lawrence Sea as needed. increase.

“Our district alone has 900 boats and Nova Scotia has 16 different districts. I want to get some people together, but I just get to the same page,” he said.

On the other side of the country, truck drivers who were unable to participate in the main protests in Ottawa this weekend are rallying locally in support of vaccination mandates and the end of all COVID-19 restrictions. Vancouver and Fraser Valley will have a support convoy starting January 29th, meandering through the heart of downtown Vancouver and ending January 30th in Chilliwack, British Columbia, 100 kilometers away.

One Tracker support convoy The organizers estimate that at least hundreds of vehicles will participate, based on the phone calls he receives.

“We will cause traffic jams like you’ve never seen before,” Stacy Midgray told The Epoch Times. “I’m very passionate about this, and this is just the beginning, because we all start together now and accomplish this.”

Throughout Canada, other communities have shown solidarity with the Free Convoy 2022, among which: Victoria, Regina, And St. Johns.

Jamie Olmsted is one of the organizers of the Regina Rally. She told the Epoch Times from Moosejaw’s home that more than 300 rigs had confirmed participation from all over the state, including up to Lloydminster. And trucks that can’t reach Regina are joining a small convoy in other towns around Saskatchewan.

“I didn’t know how big this would be,” says Olmstead. “When I wanted to do this, I just wanted to have a support system. We had to get permission, we got Regina police to start escorting for us. I had to put it in. It’s grown very big. “

In St. John’s, Sherry Butler has been working to mobilize Newfoundland and Labrador convoys since January 25, and the reaction is encouraging.

“I think we have a really good turnout,” she told The Epoch Times.

“Many people were afraid to raise their voices for fear of repulsion. [Freedom Convoy] It reassured them that there was a lot of support there. So while they are rallying in Ottawa, we need to rally here to support the track players. They are doing this for us, so all we can do is throw our love and support 100% behind them. “

Former New Fundland Prime Minister Brian Peckford, who filed a lawsuit against the federal government on January 26 over the obligation to restrict the travel of Canadians without COVID-19 vaccination, agreed with the support fleet and was Canadian. Encourages the national parliament to gather peacefully.

“There should be tens of thousands of people in every legislature in the country,” he said in an interview. “What is happening is an absolute disaster.”

Social media sites in support of protests continue to emerge, including the official Freedom Convoy Instagram An account that has increased from 20,000 followers on January 25th to more than 310,000 followers three days later.

A convoy from Prince Rupert, British Columbia to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador gathered in Ottawa on January 28, when thousands of people had already attended the pre-meeting rally. The images are scattered.

Many communities Collected hundreds of kilograms of food for the convoy. Vaughan Mills, Port Hope, and London,Ontario.

group Action4CanadaWith the motto “We are … committed to protecting faith, family and freedom”, on January 31st, the Canadians took off their masks and companies ignored their vaccine passports.

Martin Brodmann, Chief Organizer of Freedom Convoy, hoped for national support, but said he was overwhelmed by his trip to New Brunswick and Quebec on his way to Ottawa.

“All the elevated roads we drive are full of farmers and their farm equipment, not just people. I’ve never seen anything like this,” Brodmann told the Epoch Times.

“Mr. Global has plans to deprive us of our freedom, but Mr. Global did not consider that people were trying to confront him. And they. And the truck driver imagined. We deliver everything we can every day to all of us, but today they deliver hope, the most important cargo of all. “

Jeff Sandes


Jeff Sandes is a freelance contributor to The Epoch Times based in the Vancouver area.