“Commie” Infrastructure Fund Builds Highway

manager Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) I slapped a colleague’s person in charge on Saturday. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) Reminded her that the Federal Infrastructure Fund, which she called a “communist,” built the country’s highway system.

green Violently blamed 13 Republicans On Friday, he voted to pass the Biden administration’s $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure and employment law (including Kinzinger).

In a tweet late Friday after the vote, she said, “They handed me a voting card … Joe Biden’s. Communist takeover of America through infrastructure. “

She named all 13 Republicans — With their phone number In another tweet — with bipartisan efforts. (Some people on Twitter said they were grateful for the list, so Can call their gratitude.. )

Later tweets by Greene Infrastructure package as a “socialist” I’m not a communist.

Kinzinger educated Green on “communism” and the role of the US government in supporting the construction of the country.

“Infrastructure = communism is new,” Kinzinger ridiculed. Republican President Dwight D. “We need to dismantle Eisenhower’s interstate highway system, or the community will be able to drive conveniently. A red dawn in real life,” he said. ..

He also ridiculed Green for quoting the word “Republican.” Apparently, he said in the next tweet, “Jewish space laserThe California wildfire (Green’s pet conspiracy theory) and caused the road “may be a” real “Republican.

Others jumped into the slum — and thanked Kinginger for his vote.

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