Communist victims say they drop the “romantic concept” of communism

It should be noted that Canadians embrace the “romantic concept” of Marxism or Communism. Political ideology and systems Since the early 20th century, it has been responsible for the deaths of millions of people, says the chairman of a charity working to establish a Canadian monument to commemorate the victims of communism.

“Especially some individuals in academia have this notion of a romantic society of justice and are unaware that communism will be killed. There is nothing about communism,” he said to freedom. Ludwik Klimkowski, chair of the Tribute (TTL), says. I told the Epoch Times.

“The Communist regime inspired by Karl Marx is responsible, yet responsible, One hundred million Man. “

One example he gave is a past course offered by the Faculty of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia on Marx’s writings and practices.Include Course description Marxist theory states that it is “returning to consideration.”

“Marx, Patterson reminds us, I was interested in more than what the narrow field of economics is today. Marx’s interest is in the modern belief system from its early origins. It included the need to create a more humane and just social order for all of humanity up to, “said Tomas Patterson, author of the book Karl Marx, an anthropologist.” ..

Born in Poland, Klimkowski states that offering a particular course on Marxism “and thus accepting it is not just going in the wrong direction.”

He also states that references to major Communists can sometimes be seen in everyday products. He gave an example of a brand of vodka called Stalinskaya Silver Vodka, whose name resembles that of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

Made in Romania, this product went on sale in Ontario in May. Following complaints from groups such as the Ukrainian Canadians and the Ukrainian Canadians Conference, the Ontario Liquor Management Board discontinued sales in June.

Another example is the T-shirt, inspired by the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara, who was at the heart of the Cuban Revolution in the 1950s.

Klimkowski attributed this to a “misunderstanding of coolness.” This is especially true among young Canadians who may not understand the history of such a person.

“”for most Central American, [Che Guevara] is number different Than Include image of Hitler And Include concentration camp To Europe During ~ Include The second world “War,” he said.

Similarly, “The idea of ​​studying Karl Marx theory at all kinds of universities is, in my opinion, equivalent to studying Adolf Hitler and how to introduce his mass slaughter …. There are clearly many suggestions of this kind. You should do so because you are sacrificing Canadian citizens [never be] Allowed. “

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Ludwik Klimkowski, Chair of Tribute to Liberty. (Distribution)

“Communism continues to cause suffering”

The· TTL website There is a page summarizing the dark history of communism by presenting communist crime and death toll. This shows that China has the highest death toll with 65 million deaths, followed by 20 million in the former Soviet Union.

“Communism is the cause of suffering in the 20th century, and communism continues to cause suffering and suffering to many citizens of the planet,” Krimkowski said.

Nevertheless, compliments to Communism are still being held in Canada. Klimkowski Event [1945年にナチスドイツが敗北した5月9日の戦勝記念日のソビエト版を祝うために、毎年オタワのカナダ戦争博物館で開催されました。

参加者は、ソビエト赤軍に関連する旗や記念品を展示します。 占領された東ヨーロッパ 第二次世界大戦のずっと後、彼は言った。




「この国では、私たちの多くはさまざまな人生の歩みから来ました。 しかし、多くの人々の中で私たちを結びつけるものの1つは、私たちが自由であり、自由に自分自身を表現できることです。制限を課すシステム、ガバナンスの方法を拒否します」とKlimkowski氏は述べています。


「ロマンチックなユートピアについて話さないでください」と彼は言いました。 「私たちは、この抑圧的なイデオロギーの結果としてカナダにやってきた何百万人もの人々について話す必要があります。」

アークオブメモリー、オタワに建設される共産主義の犠牲者への記念碑のための勝利のデザイン。 (Paul Raff提供)


Libertyの主なタスクへのオマージュは、 記念 共産主義の犠牲者を記念するために首都圏で。 建設は2019年に開始されましたが、パンデミックのために遅れに直面しています。 2021年に完成する予定です。


「それでは、天安門事件やサイゴン陥落の次の記念日、またはポーランドの労働運動を記念する連帯運動のために、オタワに1つの統一された場所があります。 [where] We can celebrate our victory over Communism and remember those who are no longer with us. “

In a previous interview, Klimkowski said the monument can trace its roots to countries suffering under various oppressive communist regimes and will also help educate future generations of 8 million Canadians. He said it was an important sign of respect for.

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