Companies don’t like the oppression of voters, so McConnell wants to keep them away from politics. seriously?

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell warns the CEOs of large corporations:Stay away from politics, “Call their engagement A divisive political issue is “stupidity.” An ironic event happened given the fact that the Republican Party is supposed to be a party that supports capitalism, the free market, and freedom of speech.

In addition, the Republican Party has been funding the campaign for years with corporate donations, encouraging and publicly supporting the following businesses: Hobby lobby In the freedom of speech effort surrounding divided political issues such as contraception and LGBTQ rights. But when the table changes and companies speak against the Republicans and the laws they support, hypocrisy is amazing.

As Republicans across the country are fiercely working to enact a voter suppression bill in the State Capitol, Congressional Democrats enact election funding reforms and voter access to thwart restrictive state measures. I’m trying to expand. These duel efforts are coming to mind in the Senate, causing considerable corporate turmoil.Republican-backed voter oppression bill Create anger Even among the general public Corporate America, And even spurring the proceedings.

Republican-frightening voting support

It’s no wonder that the For The People Act (HR 1) is bipartisan and has widespread public support, and that Republicans manage damages for their own benefit. McConnell has angered Republican-led voter oppression efforts as the Republicans continue to bleed corporate donors.Fake story“Was misleading and bullying Americans.” His goal is to alleviate the fear of corporate donors and bully them not to be political. Republicans know that their party does not represent democracy or the people, but its election funds and self-interest.

Republicans are scared Bipartisan popularity of HR1 Voters — Republican National Committee (RNC) dropped 6-digit numbers Ad purchase for targeted ad blitz Vulnerable Senate Democrats will be reelected in 2022 on the battlefields of Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Nevada. The National Republican Senate is making 7-digit ad purchases in the same state.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell in Washington, DC, March 24, 2021

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell in Washington, DC, March 24, 2021

The RNC claims that HR 1 is “self-serving” the Democratic Party, weakening the integrity of the election. This is a Republican candidate, with Republicans in the State Capitol across the country restricting voters’ rights and restricting access to ballot boxes. The advertising blitz has recently passed controversial bills in Iowa and Georgia, reducing its eligibility to vote by mail, removing ballot drop boxes, and providing early voting to voters. We are strengthening the access of voters by shortening the number of days.

Republicans of other swing states like Arizona, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are also considering voter restriction legislation.Now such a company Coca-Cola and DeltaRepublicans who oppose the bill now know that they are losing the fight for the message, and if the “People’s Law” is passed by the Senate, Republicans will rule, as federal enforcement agencies do. You will not be able to hold elections in the state. Put in place and restore equality to the voting system.

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Republicans have a fairly difficult messaging battle to climb due to the large bipartisan support for HR 1. According to a survey conducted by DataforProgress 67% of voters We supported the proposed bill, but only 19% opposed it. In addition, 77% of Democrats, 68% of Independents, and 56% of Republican voters have announced approval of a bill that broadly supports preventing foreign interference, limiting political funding, and improving election security.

Messaging built on lies

In addition, Republican full coverage suppressed voters and restricted access to ballot boxes because the Democrats stole the 2020 elections, boosted by former President Donald Trump’s accusations of “cheating.” It is due to the “big lie” that told voters about. “And” fraud “. Voters bought his lies so deeply that some of them raided the US Capitol in a violent riot that left five dead.

But that wasn’t until recently Sidney Powell, Trump’s campaign lawyer, said: No one would reasonably conclude that the “statement” she made regarding fraudulent elections was really a “statement of fact.” Not only did the Republican Party lose in the 2020 elections, but it also lost in the Communication War because the message is based on lies.

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Republicans continue to fully engage in threatening tactics, Discourage vulnerable Senate Democrats From HR 1 support, they need to know that Extensive public support For provisions to make elections and voting more fair, secure, accessible and transparent. These senators remain strong and have to do what people chose for them when they turned the senator blue in 2020.

Republicans continue to stand on the other side of history and democracy. Their attempt to suppress voters in the state was “For people’s law, “And the company America will continue to see through their hypocrisy.

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