Compulsory vaccination policy ignores Canadian constitutional rights



States across Canada have announced that only vaccinated people can participate in basic aspects of society, such as dining in restaurants, attending gyms, team sports, and attending weddings. The governments of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia have secured decades of legal protection for personal and physical autonomy and are now discriminatory, scientifically suspicious, and moral. Imposing problematic obligations on Ontario.

Compulsory vaccination policy is a sudden departure from the recent commitment to protect the rights and freedoms of the Charter.

In May, Dr. Bonnie Henry, Chief Medical Officer of British Columbia, assured me that “having a vaccine passport in British Columbia is not my advice.” Only three months later, Dr. Henry ordered a vaccine passport for basic activities, but did not allow an exemption. This is contrary to British Columbia’s human rights law, which deals with individuals with medical conditions and religious beliefs.

Only in July, Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford acknowledged the discriminatory impact of vaccine passports on society, promising: There is no divided society. Ford also said that health care workers would not be required to be vaccinated, and that such an obligation would be unconstitutional.

Most opposition politicians are the same when it comes to defending basic constitutional rights. Regarding compulsory vaccination, Ontario’s NDP opposition leader Andrea Horwath said on August 4 that he “did not downplay the rights of the people’s charter,” but turned back completely the next day.

British Columbia’s Prime Minister John Horgan can add his name to a long list of politicians who ignore human rights and constitutional freedom and be content with the views of the recognized majority. When asked about the legal challenges of the government’s vaccination requirements, Hogan’s answer was that “the majority of Colombians in the United Kingdom are very supportive of this.” The same could be said of the deportation of Japanese Canadians living in BC inland camps from the BC coast in 1942 during the war.

The Charter of Rights and Freedom protects Canadians’ personal autonomy and physical integrity under Article 7’s right to life, freedom and security. In Canada’s free and democratic society, it is the government’s responsibility to justify infringement of its right to control its body, and the government must provide compelling evidence in court.

To justify BC’s mandatory vaccine requirements, Hogan broadly argues:[v]Axine is our ticket to put this pandemic behind us. Similarly, Ford argues that: “Based on the latest evidence and best advice, the COVID-19 vaccine certificate gives us the best opportunity to slow the spread of this virus while avoiding further documentation.” These simple statements give us the best opportunity. It ignores the reality of COVID, as documented in recent studies.

For example, Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries on the planet, and despite 80% of the country’s adults being vaccinated, there are now more COVID cases than ever before. It is occurring. In addition, half of the serious COVID cases in hospitals are among vaccinated people. Israel offers a third dose of the vaccine and again imposes lockdown restrictions.

A recent study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on an outbreak in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where 95% of the population was completely vaccinated, is revealed. Of the more than 900 COVID cases, three-quarters were fully vaccinated. Four of the five hospitalized were completely vaccinated. Perhaps most important is The Associated Press, “Vaccinated people with so-called breakthrough infections were carried NS“The same amount of coronavirus as those who did not fire”, indicating that vaccinated and unvaccinated people are equally likely to infect others with COVID.

Nevertheless, B, C. Dr. Henry seeks to justify vaccination requirements by claiming that there is an increased risk of transmission from unvaccinated individuals. However, the COVID vaccine itself is not intended to prevent infection, but to reduce the incidence of severe illness. Henry’s remarks appear to be based on speculation and hope that an experimental mRNA “vaccine” will prevent infection. Currently, the US Food and Drug Administration admits that “the scientific community does not yet know if the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine will reduce such infections.”

The government has also overlooked the superior protection enjoyed by individuals previously infected with COVID. Again, Israeli data show that previously infected, unvaccinated individuals have 6 to 13 times more protection and less risk of hospitalization than previously uninfected, fully vaccinated individuals. It shows that.

It is indisputable that the requirement for compulsory vaccination violates the constitutional rights of Canadians, so our charter is when it is “clearly justified” by evidence. Only allow it to be upheld. Neither the government’s widespread and simple claims nor the majority of media-fueled fears are evidence. Current scientific data are weakening rather than justifying the imposition of compulsory vaccination.

Demanding COVID vaccination as a condition to participate in basic aspects of society is a serious breach of Canadian human dignity and personal autonomy protected by our Charter. This is not the “free and democratic society” that the Charter envisions for Canada. In a free society, individuals can choose whether or not to undergo specific medical interventions.

As Canadians, we need to fight to regain a free society.

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Marty Moore

Marty Moore is a staff attorney at the Judicial Center for Constitutional Freedom ( He holds a law degree from Oak Brook Law School and the University of Saskatchewan in California. He has practiced law throughout the United States and Canada.