Confidence in Republican doctors is being lost. It is a symptom of a larger illness.



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What if Republican voters cease to trust doctors?

It’s not a lazy Gallup poll It shows that Republicans are becoming more and more anxious about the medical profession. The number of people who say they are confident in their doctor’s medical advice has dropped by 13 points since 2010. 22% report that they don’t trust their doctors as much as they did just a year ago.

These numbers do not surprise Americans who have seen the COVID vaccine become the central stage of our partisan cultural war.About 40 percent Many self-identified Republicans remain unvaccinated against the coronavirus and remain unvaccinated. Hypocritical Conservative “Thinking Leader” — Like Fox News Tucker Carlson — Promoted person Anti-backs hysteria.. (The result is fatal: Number of deaths The counties that voted for Donald Trump are higher than the counties that supported Joe Biden. ) Conservatives spent last year being told they couldn’t trust doctors’ advice on vaccines. Obviously they are listening.

The question now is whether the new Gallup vote is a blip or a broader long-term trend.The latter seems likely — Gallup reported in July Republican confidence in science itself. Declined From 72% in the mid-1970s to 45% this year, Wither Under decades of conservative attacks on questions such as: Climate change And that The teaching of evolution.. Doctor distrust can be part of the same phenomenon.

That is the problem. Trust between doctors and patients is an important element of 2017 survey Patients who are confident in their doctors have shown that they tend to behave healthier and report less symptoms of their illness. Another study In the same year, breast cancer patients with low confidence in the health care system were shown to be less likely to complete the treatment process.

If Republicans don’t trust their doctors, in other words, they are more likely to get sick and stay sick.

It can lead to other effects. Republican and Democratic voters tend to be geographically categorized — Democrats to cities, local GOP voters.Those rural areas are already in a difficult time Attract doctors, And as a result, many sick people go Don’t worry..Gallup polls make it easier for more doctors to decide not to work in neglected places and imagine a vicious cycle that leads to more sick people and helps. Accelerate decline Of those local Republican communities.

Difficult to think that That would be good for the Republicans.But the conservatives Fighting expertise a long time. Unfortunately for them, the war can seriously hurt the health of Republicans and their voters.

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