Confidential Documents Also Found At Pence’s Home, His Lawyer Says

NEW YORK (AP) — Classified documents were found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home last week, his attorney told the National Archives in a letter.

Pence’s attorney, Greg Jacob, said: “At the end of the last administration, a classified seal was inadvertently boxed and taken to the former Vice President’s private residence. It looks like a few documents attached.” Associated Press.

After it was announced that classified documents had been found at President Joe Biden’s Wilmington residence, Pence said, “We hired an outside attorney with experience working with classified documents to investigate records kept in his private residence. bottom.

The Justice Department has already used a special counsel to investigate the existence of classified-marked documents taken from former President Donald Trump’s Florida mansion, as well as Biden’s home and former Washington office. . According to the department, about 300 documents marked as classified, including those at the top secret level, were removed from Mar-a-Lago, and officials say Trump or anyone else illegally recorded those records. I’m trying to determine if I should be charged with possession or attempted possession. Thwart months of criminal investigations.

Pence’s attorney said in the letter that the former vice president “was not aware of the existence of sensitive or classified documents in his private residence,” and that he “understood the importance of protecting classified and confidential information.” We are ready and pleased to cooperate fully with the state authorities.” Archives and proper research. ”

Jacob said Pence quickly secured the documents found in the locked safe. And according to a follow-up letter from the attorney dated January 22nd, FBI agents visited Pence’s residence to collect documents.

A Justice Department spokesman declined to comment on Tuesday, and Pence’s attorney did not immediately respond to an email seeking more information.

pence told the Associated Press in August When he left the office, he didn’t bring out any classified information.

When asked directly if he kept such information, he replied, “No, not to my knowledge.”

so January interview with Fox BusinessPence described the “very formal process” his office used to handle confidential information and the steps taken to prevent lawyers from being taken with him.

“Before we leave the White House, my staff attorney will go through all the documents at both the White House and our offices there, as well as the Vice President’s residence, and submit them to the National Archives. We’ve verified the documents we need, confidential documents, they’ve been handed over, so we went through a very careful process in that regard,” Pence said.