Confused Trump Can’t Understand How Global Warming Will Happen If Buffalo Is Frozen

former president donald trump It dismissed global warming entirely as an issue again on Thursday — because Buffalo, New York, is freezing.

“What happened to global warming?” Trump asked disparagingly on Truth Social, in response to an article about frozen houses in Buffalo and the conditions of a deadly snowstorm.

Trump is confused as usual climatic trends associated with the weather And apparently, amidst the carbon dioxide surge caused by fossil fuel use, the low temperatures in Buffalo (by climate) are increasingly seen as denial of global warming altogether.But scientists say deadly storm surge extreme weather like buffalo killed dozensis more evidence of the damage wrought by climate change.

Of earth 5 hottest years on record (since 1880) have occurred since 2015.United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned world leaders At the climate summit in Egypt last month, he said humanity must choose between working together against global warming or committing “mass suicide”.

Trump consistently seems utterly baffled by global warming. He claims that the temperature of the earth “rises and falls” for no apparent reason.

“In my opinion, you have something called weatherTrump explained earlier this year when asked by Fox Business whether “human activities” such as burning fossil fuels are responsible for climate change.

“If you look at the 1920s, they were talking about global freezing. Got it?” he added. “Then we had global warming and the temperatures were actually so cold that we couldn’t take advantage of it. There are many reasons for that…the climate is constantly changing.”

Trump criticizes president Joe Biden in an interview with Carrying out the climate change ‘hoax’ This is to avoid oil production.

In the 2020 election, Trump warned that as the polar ice caps melt and sea levels rise, “More seafront properties