Congolese militia kills at least 20 people in refugee camp


Beni, Democratic Republic of the Congo-Local chiefs and civil rights groups said military personnel killed at least 20 people on Sunday in an attack on a refugee camp in the northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

They killed hundreds of civilians in Ituri, Congo, and accused the attack on CODECO militias, who had been displaced by thousands in the last few years.

Army spokesman Jules Ngongo Tshikudi confirmed the attack on Sunday near the village of Drodro, but no one was killed.

Local chief Pilo Mulindro Willy said 20 people were killed and civil rights president Charite Banza killed 22 people.

“This was the third attack by these outlaws on shelters in this part of the country in a week, causing more than 50 deaths and enormous property damage,” Banza said.

The government said last Sunday that CODECO fighters killed about 20 people in the same area.

CODECO fighters are mainly collected from Lendu’s agricultural community, which has long been in conflict with Hema nomads.

North-Kivu, which borders Ituri, has been run by military officers since May when the government proclaimed martial law in response to rampant violence, but the killings are showing no signs of diminishing.

By Erikas Mwisi Kambale