Congress passes law allowing jurors to disclose information to health care providers


Congress passed a new law that allows jurors to disclose information about jury proceedings to medical professionals.

The bill would create a carve-out to Canada’s strict jury confidentiality rules by allowing people to seek mental health support related to their trial experience without violating the law.

Criminal law is amended to allow jurors to disclose information about trials to health professionals who are providing medical or psychiatric treatment, therapy, or counseling.

Members of Congress unanimously passed the bill this afternoon, which will enter into force 90 days after the Governor General signs it into law.

Conservative Senator Pierre-Hugues Boavenu, a longtime victims’ rights advocate, introduced the bill in the Senate last November, and the Senators passed it within two weeks.

Tory Rep. Michael Cooper, the bill’s sponsor in the House, said earlier this year that the bill would go a long way toward supporting the mental health of jurors.

canadian press