Congressman Green’s combat behavior can trigger ethical reviews

Washington (AP) — A year before the parliamentary elections, Marjorie Taylor Greene searched Capitol for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and cursed Democrats in New York to “remove diapers” and “talk to American citizens.” .. Is shown in a video that CNN unearthed on Friday.

“I’m an American citizen. I pay your salary through the taxes you collect from me through the IRS,” Green says through a locked door mailbox. “I’m a woman. I’m a female business owner and I’m proud to be an American woman. And I don’t support your socialist policies.”

Georgian Republicans continued. “If you want to be a big girl, you need to take off your diapers and be able to talk to American citizens.” Two men appear in the video with her and mock Ocasio. -Cortez and her staff via mailslot.

The first broadcast of the deleted video on Facebook Live in February 2019 took place the same week Green chased Ocasio Cortez from the house floor, with Democrats in favor of “terrorists.” Shouted, “I don’t care.” As the Washington Post first reported. She has challenged Ocasio Cortez to a Twitter debate, a solicitation that Ocasio Cortez had ignored.

The case showed little interest in governance, but instead raised conspiracy theories, pushed Donald Trump’s false allegations about the stolen 2020 elections, and even raised her own notoriety from activists. Will be added to the portrait turned to. Her fighting power against her colleagues grew only after the unprecedented accusations that House stripped her commission and virtually ended her ability to form legislation.

Another conflict on Friday involved members of her staff.

Congressman Eric Swalwell on Friday said Green officials yelled at him to take off his mask after he got off the house floor. This is a rare decoration violation. The CDC has relaxed the guidelines for wearing masks for vaccinated people, but many lawmakers continue to wear them and they are still required on the house floor.

“I was wearing a mask when I got off the floor. @ Mtgreenee’s aide yelled at me to remove the mask. You shouldn’t be bullied by wearing the mask,” Swolwell tweeted. “So I told the bully what I thought about his orders.”

Green’s actions surprised some members of Congress. There, emotions remain alive after the deadly parliamentary raid on January 6 by a crowd of Trump supporters trying to overturn the outcome of the 2020 elections.

“This is a woman who is terribly ill and obviously in need of help,” Ocasio Cortez told reporters on Friday. .. “

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Green’s actions were “beyond the pale”, increasing the likelihood of an ethical investigation.

“It’s under the dignity of those who serve in the US Congress, and it’s a source of fear between trauma and members, especially right after the riots,” Pelosi said Thursday.

But so far, Republicans have shown little desire to punish Green. They gathered around her in February after some of her past comments were revealed, including support for her call to assassinate key Democrats. It entrusted a Democrat, with 11 Republicans, to vote to deprive her of the committee’s duties.

As a candidate for parliament, Green posted in 2020 a photo of himself with a gun next to images of Ilhan Omar, Minnesota and Ocasio Cortez, a Democrat in Rashida Tribe, Michigan.

She also supported a Facebook post advocating violence against the Democratic Party and the FBI before the election. Some suggested shooting Pelosi in his head. “The stage is on the way,” Green said in response to a post raising the possibility of hanging former President Barack Obama.

In a 2018 Facebook post, she may have ignited a wildfire in California with a “laser or blue beam” controlled by a left-wing conspiracy associated with a powerful Jewish family. I guessed.

And in February 2019, Green appeared in another online video shot at the US Capitol, claiming that Omar and Tribe weren’t “really official” members of the House because they didn’t take the Bible’s oath of office. Both women are Muslim.