Congressman Madison Corthorn issues an ominous warning to those who oppose him

manager Madison Corthorn (RN.C.) During a bubbling interview at the Far Right Network OAN this week, he raised his eyebrows with fierce anger about the left and a warning about what would happen to those who disagree with the right agenda.

“We are trying to insert awakened politics into our culture, destroying Western civilization, depriving everyone of our morals, genderless, sexless, and completely. I’m trying to make it godless. ”I was afraid of the people of Washington.

“I understand that Americans are tired of it and tired of it,” he added. “We want to regain our country, we want to regain our culture, and if you want to stand that way, we will turn you over.”

Donald Trump’s acolyte, Corthorn, accused of sexual harassment by a former classmate, demanded from his mother last month Raise your son into a monster..

He had previously been warned about elections and one “bloodshed” Photo pose At Adolf Hitler’s villa.

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