Congressman Madison Corthorn wants to maintain the January 6th committee and use it to “completely eradicate the Deep State.”

Madison Corthorn

Republican Congressman Madison Corthorn of North Carolina.House TV via AP

  • North Carolina Republican Rep. Madison Corthorn said he would like to maintain the January 6 committee if Republicans regain power.

  • In a podcast conspiracy rant, Corthorn said the Commission could be used to “eradicate the Deep State.”

  • Last month, North Carolina voters began a challenge to prevent Corthorn from running for reelection, citing his role in the Capitol riots.

North Carolina Republican Madison Corthorn, who has been criticized for his role in the Capitol riot, said the January 6 committee to “eradicate the Deep State” if the GOP regains control of the House of Representatives this year. I would like to use.

“It’s not really a Constitutional Commission, but Charlie, I want to keep the Commission that wild,” Corthorn said in a plot on Saturday in a Charlie Kirk podcast.

“I think a lot of people are looking for an answer to what actually happened on January 6th,” Cawthorn added. “Many people really want to know that our federal government was involved? Was this a false flag operation used by the FBI? What is the three-letter agency you want to use? How many agents were among us infiltrating this crowd? When did Nancy Pelosi know it? What did all the capital police leaders know, and when they did it? Did you know? Why are we hiding all these videos? “

Cawthorn recently he said I don’t regret giving the speech At the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021, he told the crowd to “fight in it” shortly before the Trump mob attacked the Capitol.

Last year he Many Capitol riots claimed to be “political prisoners” And he suggested, “I want to get them out of jail.”He was later arrested Simply “wandering” “ordinary people” To the Parliament building.

“I just want to reveal the truth because I believe the federal government has very high-ranking, very sneaky, wicked, and unpatriotic officials. It’s part of a deep state.” , Cawthorn said in a Saturday podcast. “So I want to turn the January 6th committee into a committee that begins to completely eradicate the Deep State.”

In January, 11 voters in North Carolina Challenge to block the execution of Cawthorn In the re-election in 2024, he said his actions on January 6 violated the Fourteenth Amendment, which prohibits members of the House of Representatives from engaging in rebellion or rebellion.

Cawthorn Was sued Block efforts.

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