Congressman Nancy Mace pushes legitimate weeds

Washington — Nancy Mace started using marijuana after she was there Raped in high school. “There was no light in my life,” Mace told Yahoo News at the time. “I dropped out of school and became a waitress at Waffle House.”

She eventually returned to school with a new determination and became the first female. Graduated from the citadel in 1999.. After working in South Carolina politics, she was elected to the US House of Representatives as a Republican in 2018. Became the second female representative of Washington State..

Now she is using her newly discovered national influence to condemn the trauma of sexual assault and help legalize the drugs that helped her with taxable legislation. A place for cigarettes and alcohol. in fact, National reform lawAs the law knows, cannabis treats like alcohol instead of heroin.

Republican Rep. Nancy Mace will talk at a press conference about her cannabis reform bill at Capitol Hill, Washington on November 15, 2021.  (Jacquelyn Martin / AP)

Congressman Nancy Mace, RS.C., at a press conference on her cannabis reform bill on November 15, 2021. (Jacquelyn Martin / AP)

“When you vote on this issue, when you vote for it, there is overwhelming support regardless of your political party,” Mace told Yahoo News in a recent interview. In fact, the legalization of cannabis does not seem to be the most controversial issue in a controversial society. Recent Pew Poll It shows that 91 percent of Americans support legalization.

Cannabis (the word “marijuana” is no longer endorsed as part of that reason. Racialized meaning) Already legal for medical use in 37 states. It is also licensed for recreational use in 18 states.However, the federal government still classifies drugs Same Schedule I category as LSD and EcstasyTherefore, even in states where cannabis is legal, it is difficult to obtain essential functions like a bank in the clinic.

Mace’s suggestion is one of the cannabis-related suggestions. Currently under consideration by Congress.. The obstacle to much of the law was Senate leader Chuck Schumer. Someone who has his own ambitious cannabis reform bill He said he prefers, for example, a more conservative proposal to make the federal banking system more accessible to cannabis-related businesses.

Schumer removed bank-related provisions from last year’s defense bill and infuriated Congressmen who introduced and supported the bill. “I’m not sure what his problem is.” Regarding Schumer at the time, Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) Said..

Senate Leader Charles Schumer

Senate leader Chuck Schumer at a press conference on a law ending the federal cannabis ban on July 14, 2021. (Kevin Ditch / Getty Images)

Proponents continue to argue, seeing parliamentary democratic rule as a major opportunity for action. However, as the coronavirus pandemic confuses regular legislative businesses and other progressive priorities, it is not clear that cannabis will hold appropriate hearings. Bloomberg analysts described the interest in reform as “slimy.”

According to Mace, the Democratic Party has promised to attend a hearing on her bill. “It will be the most talkative in a bipartisan way,” she told Yahoo News.

The cultural politics of this issue is fascinating, with traditional conservatives like Mace on the same ship as Republican Senator Rand Paul and Republican Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. But President Biden’s own newly discovered progressiveism fell short of the drugs whose legalization was linked to closing the racial disparities in the war on drugs during the Nixon era. last year, The White House is on fire For dismissing five staff members who have previously approved the use of cannabis.

This problem means that Republicans (47% agree, according to Pew) are far less popular than Democrats (72%), and Mace’s position is not without risk.This issue is less politically resolved and legalized in South Carolina than in other states. The issue of controversy pointed out in the upcoming governor elections.

Elia Namisiri

Elia Namisiri, General Manager of Weed World in New York City, is smoking a joint. (Kena Betancur / AFP via Getty Images)

After she submitted the bill, Mace was accused by the Republican South Carolina chairman. Blame “Every effort to legalize and non-criminalize the use of regulated substances.”

Mace says some Republicans in the House of Representatives support her proposal, but she isn’t afraid to do it alone. “If you run it that way, you won’t be able to do anything,” she told Yahoo News.

During her short time in Washington, Mace went his own way many times, generously planning a course that was neither a pro-trump nor a commitment. Kinzinger with internal resistance-Chany model..she has Collided with both Ocasio Cortez And MAGA loyalist Marjorie Taylor Greene instantly dismissed her in classical Southernism.

Such rhetoric is in the spotlight, but it doesn’t necessarily endorse her as a Republican leader. “I don’t really understand the game she’s playing,” said a Republican. Confessed to Politico last fall..

Given that both parties will need something to run the campaign in the fall, the complex cross currents at that moment can bring Mace an unexpected victory. Alternatively, those same dynamics could leave Mace with a failed bill that attracts hostility from Republicans without gaining much support from moderate Democrats.

Still, this effort was greatly boosted last month with the support of Amazon. Became more and more involved in the Washington issue (Founder Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post. Largest residence in the district). “Like many in the country, we believe it’s time to reform the country’s cannabis policy, and Amazon promises to help lead that effort,” the company said. Accounts related to lobbying Tweet..

Congressman Nancy Mace

Mace told reporters after voting for former Trump adviser Steve Bannon to be charged with criminal insult. (Anna Money Maker / Getty Images)

This is one tweet, but it shows that we are setting up a giant company in northern Virginia. The message “has a lot of momentum earlier this year” in Mace’s proposal, she said. “I foresee that other companies will be encouraged to support moving the bill forward.” Given the cultural permits of giants like Amazon, the statement of such companies is: You may find that the activist’s appeal is more fortunate to her bill than any other effort had.

But so far, drug reform efforts have been progressing primarily at the state level, much less like national policy.Maine is moving to potentially criminalize Psilocybin (More commonly known as “Magic Mushroom”), Washington District Non-criminalized last year..There is Even a push to legalize LSDThere is increasing evidence that psychedelic drugs, which have long been caricatured as a hippie habit, can successfully treat some severe mental illnesses.

About half of all Americans I tried cannabis in some wayAnd while concerns remain about its high-volume use by teenagers, cannabinoids — psychoactive compounds in cannabis plant buds — It seems to be useful for various illnesses.. Mace says her 14-year-old daughter has recently spoken to her mother, who is suffering from cerebral palsy and suffering from a series of constant seizures daily. She says cannabis is given by her mother, even in “trace amounts”.

“We have the best cannabis in the world,” she says of the United States, imagining a sort of later emergence like the dying American wine industry. Famous 1976 tasting in Paris I saw the California vintage beat the continental vintage. “Let’s start here.”

Heather Randazzo, an employee of the Compassionate Care Foundation

Employees of the Compassionate Care Foundation’s Medical Marijuana Clinic cut leaves at the company’s cultivation facility in Egg Harbor Township, NJ (Julio Cortez / AP).