Congressman says he “goes home” after reports of Afghanistan’s evacuation efforts


A Republican lawmaker in Oklahoma said he would “go home” after receiving reports that his whereabouts were unknown after attempting to carry out a rescue mission for an American trapped in Afghanistan.

“I’m heading home,” said Markwayne Mullin, Republican, Oklahoma. I have written In an Instagram post on Wednesday. “We have helped drive Americans out of Afghanistan. Yes. Is the mission continuing? Yes. Am I missing or No. Is it a little dark? Yes, It wasn’t safe to communicate. “

Later, Oklahoma lawmakers criticized President Joe Biden for handling the withdrawal of Afghanistan, according to Pentagon and State Department officials, leaving at least 100 Americans. Mr Biden said he was “lying to Americans” about the number of Americans and Afghans remaining in Afghanistan captured by the Taliban last month.

Meredith Blancord, Mullin’s communications director, also confirmed that he was not at risk during the trip.

“Parliamentarian Marsali has been and is still completely safe,” Branford said in a statement. “He and the Oklahoma District 2 Office will continue to do whatever it takes to bring all Americans home from the war zone abandoned by President Biden. The safety and security of the American people is always his. It’s a top priority. “

Citing an unnamed source, the Washington Post said parliamentarians would hire a helicopter to enter Afghanistan from neighboring Tajikistan to rescue five American citizens (a woman and her four children). Reported that it was planned. US embassy officials in Tajikistan said he could not enter the country, the post reported.

Mullin’s comment on social media did not mention the Post’s report or details about flying to Tajikistan. The Epoch Times contacted his office for comment.

Rep. Kevin Hahn (Republican) said Fox23 With no US soldiers in Afghanistan, Marin attempted a “very dangerous mission.”

“Frankly, we have a lot of special operators. Created by the original special operators, a group of these people kicks out our American citizens. And there’s a lot of time. I don’t want to say much about it. I don’t want to give it up, so now I’m using a private contractor, “he said.

On Monday, when the U.S. military made its final evacuation flight, top General Frank Mackenzie declared a 20-year conflict in Afghanistan.

The next day, Biden delivered a rebellious speech, defending his administration’s treatment of the withdrawal and arguing that the withdrawal should be done now. He also accused the Afghan army, government, and the Trump administration of negotiating with the Taliban. Biden has been criticized from various angles for the past few weeks, claiming that his administration failed to withdraw, resulting in turmoil and the deaths of 13 US soldiers at Kabul Airport.

Jack phillips

Jack phillips

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Jack Phillips is a New York-based reporter for The Epoch Times.