Congressman security costs have risen 29% last year, says UK Watchdog.

A British MP watcher said Friday that MP security costs were up 29% last year and will rise further following the fatal puncture wound of Conservative Sir David Amess.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), which released annual figures on the cost of parliamentarians, said that total security support costs for 2020-21 totaled about $ 4.37 million ($ 5.92 million), about £ 1 million (1.36 million). (Dollar) says a lot. Previous fiscal year.

IPSA Chair Richard Lloyd said that ensuring the safety of parliamentarians, their families, and their staff is “absolutely essential to our democracy,” so costs could increase further this year after the killing of Amess. Said there is.

The killing of Islamic extremists Ali Harbi Ali last October was the second deadly attack on British lawmakers sitting in their constituencies in the last five years. In 2016, Labor Jo Cox was killed in her small town constituency a week before the Brexit referendum by neo-Nazi Thomas Mere.

MP security costs jumped 14 times in 2016 and almost doubled again the following year.

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Security costs are the fourth largest cost between 2020-21 and represent 3.17 percent of the total cost of MPs during the fiscal year.

According to regulators, the biggest costs, labor costs (76.7%) and office (11%), both increased 17% year-on-year to £ 105.8 million ($ 143.42 million) and 15.2 million. It was a pound ($ 20.6 million).

IPSA Chair Richard Lloyd said the budget was raised in light of the record-breaking increase in member casework, resulting in higher staffing spending.

Meanwhile, accommodation costs increased 4% to £ 9.3 million ($ 12.6 million), while travel and living expenses (including funding to cover staff and dependents) were £ 5.6 million ($ 7.59 million) in 2019. It decreased by more than 60% from. From 2020 to 21 – £ 200 to £ 2.1 million ($ 2.85 million).

Lloyd said this reflects a “different working pattern” during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

Overall, MP’s project costs reached approximately £ 138 million ($ 187 million) between 2020 and 2009, of which £ 176,000 ($ 238,580) was spent on disability support and £ 1 million ($ 1 million). Includes $ 1.36 million in staff absenteeism and other costs, IPSA said.

Lloyd added that compliance with IPSA regulations remains “very high” at 99.7%.

“As an independent regulator overseeing parliamentary spending, we can confirm today that compliance with our rules remained very high during the COVID pandemic,” he said. ..

“The biggest spending area to date is paying parliamentary staff. These are people who work long hours to help their members and often deal with very difficult problems,” Lloyd added. I did.

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