Congressman Tricia Delju resigned from Missouri State Capitol after being convicted of 22 federal crimes


Congressman Tricia Delju resigned from the Missouri House of Representatives on Friday. Jury trial convicted of 22 federal crimes..

A Nixa Republican was convicted at the end of her trial last week for wire fraud, illegal distribution of controlled substances, and a number of false statements to federal agents. In a letter to Chair Rob Beskovo, she resigned from the seat representing Christian County.

“It is my humble honor to serve primarily by providing medical care to thousands of forgotten citizens of southwestern Missouri over the years: homeless, veterans, the poor and the uninsured. That’s what Delju writes. “Care that has helped relieve the indescribable pain that many people lived in, save lives from uncontrolled chronic illnesses, heal wounds, and save limbs from amputations. The most rewarding care I’ve ever done. It’s a job. “

Delju, who became prominent through the establishment and operation of several clinics in southwestern Missouri, Unfairly Obtained Federal Grants for Her Nonprofit ClinicLie to the patient about “stem cell” treatment without stem cells Mixed gold between the non-profit Lift Up Springfield and her Ozark Valley Medical Clinic location..

Tricia Delju: Lawmakers pleaded guilty to wire fraud and illegal prescriptions lying to the federal government

Her decision will be decided in the coming months. The jury also voted to allow the government to hold $ 300,000 in the CARES Act money received for the COVID-19 inspection of her clinic that had previously been reimbursed.

First elected in 2020, Delju continued to drive the expansion of Missouri’s assistant physician program. The licensed assistant doctor herself wanted to allow them to obtain a license, expand the medical field and alleviate the labor shortage in that field.

In her resignation, she called the lack of access to the assistant doctor’s license a “tragedy” and called for further legislation on the program.

“Missouri was a pioneer in this extraordinary healthcare solution,” Derges wrote. “We hope that the value of this program will be welcomed and appreciated someday. These valuable doctors are a resource we cannot afford to lose.”

Resignation of Congressman Tricia Delju from the Missouri State Capitol.

Resignation of Congressman Tricia Delju from the Missouri State Capitol.

At the last session, Delju submitted a bill aimed at giving the assistant doctor a way to license. But it didn’t go anywhere — a federal indictment of Derges was revealed in early 2021, and she was quickly deprived of much of her power in Jefferson City. She was expelled from the House Republican caucuses, stripped of her committee duties, and reassigned to the parliamentary broom closet-sized office.On the other hand, other members of the Diet Attempted to tighten the requirements for being licensed as a doctor..

Her resignation means she will not stay in Jefferson City Special session focusing on taxes And a veto session later this year. She will be sentenced in the coming months.

She is prevented from running for re-election as a Republican and cannot run under Missouri law after being convicted. Two Republicans, Jamie Ray Gragg and Danny Garrison, and Democrat Amy Freeland are running for her seat this fall.

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