Congressmen and Green supporters admit “newcomer error” because they didn’t disclose donations from coal companies

Waringa’s independent federal parliamentarian and prominent renewable energy activist, Zaristeggal, “newcomer error” because he did not properly disclose A $ 100,000 (US $ 71,360) in a campaign donation from a former coal company board member. I admitted that I had committed.

Stegggal is facing pressure after the Australian Election Commission (AEC) discovered that it received $ 100,000 from the Kinghorn Family Trust in 2019. It belongs to John Kinghorn, the founder of RAMS Home Loans, formerly director of Cascade Coal and Felix. Financial resources.

However, Sydney Morning HeraldThere was a contradiction regarding the financial reporting of donations.

$ 100,000 was donated by Kinghorn Family Trust to Warringah Independent Ltd.

Nevertheless, during the AEC audit, it was found that Waringa reported $ 100,000 as eight individual donations worth $ 12,500 each, and eight individual receipts were also issued.

The $ 12,500 amount is also below the current minimum disclosure threshold of $ 13,800.

The financial manager then revised its revenue to full in 2020 after a review by AEC.

Stegggal, who dismissed former Prime Minister Tony Abbott from the central constituency of Warringa in North Sydney in the 2019 federal elections, has been enthusiastic about political transparency and renewable energy.

Waringa candidates Zali Steggall and Tony Abbott
Tony Abbott, a member of Parliament and former Prime Minister and retired member of Waringa Elect The Resteggal (L), at the Sky News / Manly Daily Debate at the Queenscliff Surf Club in Sydney, Australia, May 2, 2019. Will participate. (Via DamianShaw / News Corp Australia Getty Images)

“People’s trust in politicians has diminished over time, partly because of their lying tendencies and lack of accountability,” she said in a maiden speech to the House of Representatives. Said.

Also the grassroots campaign group GetUp, which played a major role in the Stegggal campaign in Waringa. It was vocal About the introduction of “Prohibition of donations of companies and unions”.

Meanwhile, Stegggal accused the accountant of not properly disclosing the amount, claiming it was a “newcomer error.”

“Unfortunately, the accountant couldn’t propose that a single check was issued,” she told ABC Radio on February 15.

“It not only highlights the difficulty of challenging incumbents, but it is also difficult for political parties to enter a political system that has absolutely that level of influence on how it is done. “She added.

Former Waringa member Answered in a statement The first media coverage was misleading.

“I received eight individual pledges from a large family living in the constituency. The AEC later considered it a single donation, so the earnings were revised in 2021 to reflect that. “She said.

“If you exclude donations from people who have invested in coal at one time, you exclude almost everyone, as most people have through a retirement pension,” she added.

Goldstein’s Congressman Tim Wilson said Stegggal’s reaction “did not pass anyone’s pub test.”

“(Steggal) received a $ 100,000 donation from a large coal investor, claimed to have never met them, and concealed the donation without bothering to find out who donated $ 100,000. I hid it, “he wrote. On Twitter.

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was difficult for Stegggal to explain the issue.

“Many people are happy to throw stones, but they are often in the glass house,” he told the 2GB radio.

“We have introduced a new law in Congress, imposing (independently) the same transparency and disclosure arrangements that political parties are facing.”

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