Conservative experts point out that everything is wrong with Sean Hannity’s attack on Liz Cheney.

conservative CNN commentator SE cup On Wednesday, Sean Hannity dismantled a “lazy attack” on the Republicans. Liz Cheney (Republican) opposed Donald Trump and accused Fox News of dismissing Cheney as “riding her tall horse” for investigating the US Capitol riots.

“For her courage,” Chainy was repeatedly attacked by Trump, a member of her own party, banished from the post of her home leader, and denied by the Republicans in her state, “filtering.” Not done, “said the host.

“In the Republican lemming, which followed the president who lost the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House in four years, Cheney introduced long-standing conservative principles, the integrity of the democratic system, basic morals and human etiquette. We decided it wasn’t worth it. The Republican future is just to suck Trump a little more and drive him into the depths, “Cup explained.

“It can be said that Chainy puts the country in front of the party. She respects the vow to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. She defends democracy. I can say, “she continued. “But if you’re a honey … she’s none of them. No, you would say she’s just riding her tall horse.”

Hanity’s series of attacks “aimed to reduce the credibility of a woman who continued to stick to her principles despite making a few friends on the left or right,” Cup said. rice field.

“But my question is what’s so bad about riding a high horse. Let’s face it. Many of the parties have fallen into the soil and are rolling like pigs on the slopes of playing cards. “She asked. “This is a horse that defends democracy, not a horse that tries to break it.”

The cup then turned over Hanity’s attack.

“What Hanity is trying to claim is that Chainy thinks she’s better than others. Of course she is. She, even if it’s her position, she. He is one of the few who is doing the right thing for the country, even if it means sacrificing his salary, and the loyalty of her party. “

This article was originally published HuffPost Was updated.

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