Conservative experts reveal why Glen Yongkin’s victory is “quite darn simple”

Conservative commentator SE cup Democratic candidate dissected Terry McAuliffe’s defeat Republican Glenn Youngkin in the Virginian Governor’s election.

CNN’s “Unfiltered” hosts have listed just a few of the proposed hot takes McCorriff’s defeat — From Yongkin’s half-distance away from former President Donald Trump to the hype of “false horror” about the teachings of critical race theory at school.

“But I have a feeling that it was actually pretty simple,” she said.

“A suburban woman has driven Yongkin to the finish line,” the Cup said after commenting in a September debate that McCorriff didn’t think “parents should teach school what to teach.” ..

“Makoriff offended the wrong voter, mom,” Cup said.

“Imagine having a hump to tell your parents that your children’s education shouldn’t have a say,” she added. “And imagine Virginia, which already has enough homeschoolers, in the midst of a pandemic in which parents were forced to teach at home due to school closures throughout the state. “

See Cupp’s complete solitude here:

This article was originally published HuffPost Was updated.

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