Conservative lawmaker says medically assisted baby suicide ‘cannot be justified’

Doctors at the Medical College of Quebec recently proposed to a parliamentary committee that dying medical assistance (MAiD) be made available for babies with disabilities and those who are suffering in the early days of life.

“You can never justify killing a child because you have a disability. There is never a reason to justify killing a child,” Genus said in the video. Posted on YouTube November 12th.

“I can’t believe I have to say this. Killing children is always wrong.”

Dr. Louis Roy parliamentary joint committee The October MAiD said the availability of medically assisted dying should be considered for “released minors between the ages of 14 and 17.”

“We have to take into account the pain these young people may suffer,” Roy said on Oct. 7.

Roy added that “the same is true” for babies born with “severe malformations and a very serious syndrome with virtually zero chance of survival.”

“[The deformities] It would cause so much pain that a decision would have to be made not to allow the child to suffer,” he said.

In Canada, MAiD is currently available to mentally capable individuals over the age of 18. Patients must also be physically and critically ill, but not necessarily terminally ill, but in “unbearable physical or mental distress” in a “severe state of irreversible decline”. .

Canada’s MAiD eligibility will expand in March 2023 to allow patients suffering from mental illness to receive medically assisted suicide.

Genuis previously said on Twitter Position Canada’s Assisted Suicide Act is in need of “urgent reform” because it lacks safeguards as it expands.


Roy said Committee Approaches to infant assisted suicide may become a viable option, similar to what the Netherlands has enacted.

in the Netherlandsdoctors can legally “end the life of a newborn” or “perform a late-term abortion” if the newborn is experiencing pain that is “unbearable and unpromising.”

Other criteria include an agreement between the physician and the parents that there is no possible medical solution to the child’s suffering and that the physician must receive at least one other compliant opinion from another physician. Consent is included.

“This path could be explored,” Roy told lawmakers.

In addition to posting on YouTube, Genuis also posted a video response to Roy on Twitter, with former Alberta NDP MPP Annie McKitrick responding that Genuis should “help, not blame”.

“We need to respect the difficult decisions that parents and individuals make.” Written by McKittrick“You may not agree with their beliefs or choices, but acknowledging the difficult situation they are facing can go a long way toward making your point of view less disrespectful.”

In another post, Genuis replied, “Infanticide is not a lifestyle choice.”

“Killing a child is always wrong, regardless of the circumstances.”

Genuis is petition Encourage Canadians to sign the petition “To ensure that legal infanticide never becomes a reality in Canada.”

peter wilson


Peter Wilson is a reporter based in Ontario, Canada.