Conservative leader accused of sexually assaulting male staff

Photo: SOPA Image (Getty Images)

Photo: SOPA Image (Getty Images)

Former staffers of Herschel Walker’s failed Senate campaign were assisted in Georgia in October by Matt Schrup, the top Republican operative and chairman of the Conservative Coalition of America, which organizes the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). accused him of sexually assaulting him. walker campaign, Daily Beast report Friday.

According to staff, Schrup was reaching out to him all night when Walker’s staff went out to several bars in Atlanta weeks before the election. Schrup allegedly “groped” and “stroked” his crotch in his car when staff drove him to the hotel. Upon arriving at Schrup’s hotel, staff claim that Schrup invited him to his room, which he declines.

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The alleged incident was “hurt” and “humiliating” for the staff, who recorded a series of videos documenting his reaction to it, which he shared with two close friends at the time. Daily BeastHe also said he felt “nothing but support” from Walker’s campaign that tied him to legal resources. confirmed Daily BeastAnd when Schrup told him in a series of texts and call transcripts provided by staff that Schrup’s behavior the previous night had made him uncomfortable, Schrup asked him what specifically made him uncomfortable. I asked him to call me instead.

Shrup’s attorney Daily Beast It was reported as an “attack” and read, “Mr. Schrup denies any inappropriate conduct.”

Unfortunately, I am not at all surprised by this news. While Republican leaders and conservative activists paint the Democratic Party as the LGBTQ party, sexually abusive “groomers”, Often they face disturbing allegations of cheating and sexual exploitation.

Shrup has the following records: defense Former President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh have slammed the lawsuit against allegations of sexual misconduct. murmured In 2019, “I’d rather Biden be a few doors down, not next door, because I have five daughters.” A hotbed of anti-LGBTQ prejudice It provides a huge platform for anti-LGBTQ extremists and suspected abusers, from Trump to Rep. Matt Gates (R-Florida), who is under investigation for alleged human trafficking and statutory rape.

Again, I am not only horrified by allegations like this directed against a powerful conservative man like Schrup, but I still want to be surprised. I’ve seen too many cases. Fanatics of “family values” have made careers claiming to “protect” children from sexual abuse presumably perpetrated by the Left, and have been exposed for committing it themselves. There are too many. If your politics are diametrically opposed to your right to physical autonomy, your behavior in your personal life may reflect this.

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