Conservative Leadership Hopeful Poilievre’Stand With’ Tracker

Conservative Pierre Poirievre, who recently announced his intention to run for leader, reiterated his support for Freedom Convoy in an interview with the post media on February 10.

“I’m proud of truck drivers and I’m standing with them,” Poilievre told columnist Anthony Furey in the episode’s Postmedia podcast “Full Comment,” which airs next week.

On the same day, Candice Bergen, the leader of the Interim Conservative Party, told protesters on Parliamentary Hill that they had heard that the party continued to lift federal COVID-19 obligations and restrictions. While he was there, he said he should go home.

Unknown from Interview excerpt If Poilievre agrees to Bergen’s position, it will be posted on the National Post. No response to the request for explanation from his office was received by the time of publication.

“”[Truckers] After the government has overrun the prime minister on a large scale for two years, he has reached a limit after insulting and corrupting those who oppose his brute force approach, “Poillievre told Fury.

“But to be honest, if the Canadian feels inconvenienced or suffers from these protests in some way, it causes Justin Trudeau to raise these protests and his ruthlessness continues to protest. Because there is. “

Trudeau said, “As a compelling wedge strategy to divide the Canadians and demonize the apparently unpopular minority of the unvaccinated minority for his own political interests.” He said he was using the vaccine mission that Trudeau had imposed on truck drivers.

“But now it’s blown off his face.”

“So he fell into an impossible political situation. And unfortunately, the rest of the country admitted that he didn’t want to do the right thing, he was wrong, and did these missions. He has been held hostage by not wanting to lift it, “he added.

Vaccine obligations for Canadian truck drivers came into effect on January 15, and U.S. obligations came into effect on January 22, allowing unvaccinated truck drivers to resume their normal cross-border travel. To do so, both countries must lift their respective obligations.

Faced by US President Joe Biden Legal setbacks By imposing vaccine obligations, however, there seems to be no current legal challenge to the US obligations imposed on the truck industry.

American Truck Association (ATA) Legally disagree An attempt at delegation to a company with more than 100 employees said that “the fleet needs to be prepared to comply with imminent requirements” before the border order comes into force.

The Freedom Convoy movement has spread around the world, and there are signs that similar actions are being organized in the United States.

US Department of Homeland Security Said The Epoch Times on February 10 states, “We are tracking reports of potential convoys who may be planning trips to several cities in the United States.”

Zachary Stieber contributed to this report.

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