Conservative MP Alan Rays resigns as deputy leader to focus on leadership races

Ottawa-Quebec conservatives have resigned from their position as deputy leader of the party because they said they wanted to play a role in deciding the next leader.

In a statement, Alan Rays presents progressive values, centre-right economics, and appoints a leader to unite the party around the common purpose of replacing the Trudeau Liberal Party. He says he wants it.

He doesn’t mention anything in his name, but says he plans to help the candidate.

However, Rays says he wants to take part in the leadership race and has no choice but to resign from his position, including the party’s lieutenant in Quebec.

This week, after members of the caucuses abandoned Erin O’Toole, the race to replace Erin O’Toole as a leader began in earnest, with MP Pierre Poirievre in the Ottawa region announcing his intention to run for the top of the party. It was time.

After a shake-up with Raise, Bergen appointed Luc Berthold as Deputy Leader and Lieutenant Quebec.

In a statement on Sunday, Bergen called Berthold a respected member of the caucuses and said his experience would be a conservative asset.

Bergen also said he was grateful for Rays’ work and was looking forward to working with him at the House of Commons to seek clarification from the Liberal Party government.

Canadian press