Conservative MP says he’s ‘tired’ of talking about government harassment issue

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner says she is “tired” of being asked by the media to speak on issues of harassment of women in public life and government.

“No, I don’t want to talk about this,” Garner wrote. August 24 Tweetbefore adding, “I’m tired of endless victim porn and no solutions.”

Garner, including a screenshot of a media request from an unnamed outlet, said it would “talk more specifically about the idea of ​​this harassment of women, especially in public, and what role the government is playing in addressing it.” I asked you to tell me a little bit about the

Garner said throughout her political career she has consistently received similarly worded media requests, and her tweet read, “When I receive some variation on this media request, How do you actually want to respond?”

“I am sick and tired of voters platforming this issue instead of others who need to talk to me,” she wrote.

“During my tenure, I received the exact same media requests from all media outlets in the country almost once a week. [and] Nothing has changed,” she said. “Literally nothing”

In March, Garner paper On, she said that the media often spread allegations of sexual misconduct in politics without proper fact-checking, which could harm women who have actually experienced harassment. She said there is.

“The most high-profile cases of allegations of sexual misconduct in the recent history of Canadian politics have ended with accusers losing their jobs, either having to quit because of toxic workplaces or being fired outright. action,” wrote Garner.

2018, CTV news We published an article about sexual misconduct allegations surrounding then-Ontario Conservative Party leader Patrick Brown.

Garner pointed out in the article that CTV News recently admitted that some details in their article were “factually incorrect” and “needs correction.”

“Much should be written about the negative impact this has had on Brown. But equally how CTV’s misjudgment could set back women seeking justice for sexual misconduct against them.” It should also be written about what is there,” writes Garner.

However, Garner now says he wants to speak to the media about current political issues other than harassment.

“I’m happy to talk about inflation, geopolitics, immigration and other solutions…other than this,” she said. “But I’m not going to use the platform voters gave me to defend their interests to address this issue like Groundhog Her Day.”

Garner said he was more interested in talking about the problem of harassment after the government took concrete action to combat it.

“If you think the solution is working, come back when we put the panel together,” she said.

peter wilson


Peter Wilson is a reporter based in Ontario, Canada.