Conservative US-Australian Party running candidates in all House seats in 2022 elections


According to, Australian billionaire businessman Clive Palmer, chairman of the United Australia Party, said he would run candidates in all House seats for the 2022 federal elections. ..

Palmer said he wouldn’t deny his return to politics, but for now he’s throwing full support behind UAP leader Craig Kelly.

“Craig Kelly is our leader and I’m happy to follow him and do everything he can,” Palmer said.

“I’m 67 years old and retired. I just got out of this retirement to help and support Mr. Kelly and what he wants to do, and he’s certainly a courageous leader.

“And he has a different perspective on the Australian people,” he said.

Two in February after Kelly was criticized for publicly expressing his views on vaccine obligations and providing information on alternative methods used to treat COVID-19 internationally. He is an independent member who has resigned from the Liberal Party, one of the major political parties.

In his resignation, Kelly does not want them to be denied treatment for COVID-19 if doctors believe that treatment for COVID-19 can save lives, and is a member of him. Cited concerns about.

Kelly, a current member of Hughes, New South Wales, faced strong opposition from some media and political opponents by sharing information about the antimalarial hydroxychloroquine.

Hydroxychloroquine, an anti-inflammatory and antimalarial drug, has faced both support and scrutiny after being used by former US President Donald Trump as a preventative for COVID-19.

Now, after the medical journal The Lancet first published a paper condemning hydroxychloroquine, more than 100 medical professionals have raised major issues in the study, and discussions about drug use continue. However, a study published in the American Journal of Medicine on January 1, 2021 found that hydroxychloroquine helped reduce mortality in early treatment of COVID-19.

Nevertheless, the World Health Organization in March did not recommend the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19, and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Agency now advises people infected with COVID-19 to use it. Is not …

Kelly’s stance has gained the support of Australians disillusioned with the media reporting on the current state of politics and pandemics. Since then, Kelly has participated in a free rally against mandatory vaccination.

Palmer wants to win a voter’s seat with dissatisfied voters, prioritizing the Liberal Democratic Party and encouraging voting to put Labor, LNP, and Greens last.

“Many Australians are dissatisfied with the status quo of the media and Congress,” he said.

“They want alternatives and freedom of choice.”

Palmer aims to run UAP candidates in all seats of the House of Representatives, and when pushed, he said he would not run himself, but would not rule out that.

“We are currently considering candidates. We have some good candidates and we need to evaluate them, and party executives will make that decision,” he said.

Mimi Nguyen Ly contributed to this article.

Caden Pearson


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