Conservative Watchdog files ethical complaints against AOC over Met Gala attendance

A conservative oversight group asked the Parliamentary Department of Ethics to “start an investigation immediately.” Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez(D., NY) attendance at Met Gala on Monday night.

Ocasio Cortez wore a white dress that said “tax the rich” at a luxury event in New York City. Tickets are priced at least $ 30,000 per ticket.

Progressive “squad” members defended their participation in the event. Tweet “Elected New York officials are regularly invited to attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art because they are responsible for overseeing and supporting cultural institutions for the city’s general public. I am among the few who attended tonight. I was alone. “

But she didn’t say if she was given a free ticket for the event.

The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) has filed an ethical complaint asking Ocasio Cortez to investigate whether he accepted the “unforgivable gift” to attend the gala or violated the Election Funding Act. Fox news..

“Without prompt investigation and enforcement of Congressional rules, Americans could lose confidence in Congress’s ability to police its members,” the complaint said.

“Receiving gifts” must be reduced, as lawmakers said her presence at the Met Gala was part of her official duties. Under either a widespread event or charity event exemption outlined in the House Rules.

The group claims that Ocasio Cortez’s invitation was not subject to either exemption because Gala was not widely attended and the invitation was overseen by the commercial company Condé Nast.

Parliamentarians and other attendees were also subject to another criticism of being maskless in the gala while the event staff were wearing masks. Guests at the event had to be vaccinated, but staff were also vaccinated under the obligation to vaccinate New York City workers (including museum employees). So it’s unclear why staff had to wear masks and attendees didn’t.

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