Conservatives ask government to fund Afghan safehouses for former interpreters

Ottawa — Conservative opponents are calling on the Liberal government to provide urgent funding for a safehouse in Kabul, which provides shelter for 1,700 Afghan interpreters and their families.

On Friday, those safe homes are set to close as there will be no money to keep them open.

It could leave their inhabitants at the mercy of the new Taliban rulers in Afghanistan.

Conservative Rep. James Bezan said the Trudeau administration has taken no action and needs to intervene to fill the spending gap.

The government has not directly funded the safehouse, which was considered a temporary measure to move vulnerable Afghans out of the country after returning to the Taliban’s administration in mid-August.

The Veterans Group has previously raised about $ 2 million in personal donations, but it is said that an additional $ 5 million will be needed to keep the safehouse open after Friday.

“Justin Trudeau was unable to take Canadians, interpreters, support staff, and their families out of Afghanistan when the country fell into the Taliban, but is now funding their safe homes. “I refuse,” Bezan said in writing.

“These individuals helped our military heroes in Afghanistan, and what we can do is help ensure they are safe.”

Global Affairs Canada makes little mention of government efforts to support safehouses because of safety concerns.

He says he is working with the Veterans Transition Network and human rights journalists to protect vulnerable people in Afghanistan, including human rights defenders and former Canadian military interpreters.

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