Considering prosecution and scrutinizing Trump-Russian tipster Durham: Report


NSSpecial adviser John Durham is reportedly considering criminal charges such as FBI agents when investigating the information provided to the FBI in 2016, which spurred Trump Russia’s investigation. Federal prosecutors are reportedly scrutinizing tipsters to see if they know their claims are false.

Former Attorney General William Barr Quiet Appointment Durham will become a special counsel in October after being assigned a role as a public prosecutor in May 2019. report The Wall Street Journal provides information to the grand jury, investigates possible prosecutions beyond a single, and states that it continues. Plea of ​​guilty From former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith.

“We are investigating potential criminal charges against a few low-level FBI employees and non-governmental people,” Durham said, citing “people familiar with the matter.” Stated. “We have focused on people outside the FBI who have provided information to help facilitate the 2016 investigation,” said Durham’s prosecutor. The Durham team is reportedly “finding whether the people who provided the information knew it was wrong at the time, and what the FBI did with it afterwards.”

General Michael Horowitz, Inspector General of the Justice Department, released the following report in December 2019: Conclusion Christopher Steele’s Democratic-funded documents played a “central and essential” role in the FBI’s efforts to obtain eavesdropping orders against Trump campaign associate Carter Page. The DOJ Watchdog has criticized the bureau for at least 17 “serious mistakes and omissions.”

Robert Mueller Special Counsel report In 2019 Russians interfered In the 2016 election, it was a “dramatic and systematic way”, but “did not prove that members of the Trump campaign colluded or coordinated with the Kremlin.”

“Durham asked about evidence related to the allegations that the Trump Organization’s servers were secretly communicating with the Russian bank Alfa Bank,” the new report said.

CLINESMITH gets bar suspension for one year after FISA deception

Horowitz report Steele showed that during a discussion with the State Department’s DOJ officials in 2016, Alfa-Bank pushed forward with the claim that it was a secret conduit between the Trump and the Kremlin.

“The FBI investigated whether there was a cyberlink between the Trump Organization and Alfa-Bank, but concluded that there was no such link by early February 2017,” Horowitz said.

Steel testimony In a British court that democratic lawyer Michael Sussman provided him with a claim about Alfa Bank’s relationship with the Russian president Vladimir Putin During the meeting in late July. These allegations were reflected in a memo in mid-September 2016 that became part of Steele’s paperwork. Shortly after writing the memo, Steele met with Clinton’s campaign lawyer, Marc Elias, a Democratic lawyer who personally hired the opposition research firm Fusion GPS on behalf of the campaign.

Sussman is reportedly the source of a 2016 news article about secret server claims. In 2018, former FBI legal counsel James Baker testified that Sasman shared Alfa-Bank’s claims with him at a meeting in September 2016.

Hillary Clinton Tweet “Computer scientists have revealed a secret server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank,” he said at Halloween 2016.She shared statement “A secret hotline may be the key to unraveling the mystery of Trump’s relationship with Russia,” said Jake Sullivan, a foreign policy adviser to her campaign and now Biden’s national security adviser.

“Durham has focused on other sources of information for the FBI,” the new report said.

Steel Reportedly Refused to pass notes taken by former MI6 agents to Durham during meetings with the FBI in July and October 2016. This is because the current special counsel has scrutinized whether the confidential information was improperly disclosed to the former MI6 agent.

The FBI told Steele that Trump’s foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos was under investigation after a “friendly foreign government,” and Alexander Downer, then Australian envoy, said Papadopoulos was in Clinton’s Russia. Steel told Fusion GPS, relaying a conversation about what was being said about dirt. The FBI also told Steele about Page, Paul Manafort, Trump Campaign Manager, and Michael Flynn, Trump Campaign Advisor.

Horowitz Said Steele’s main source, Igor Danchenko, “contradictory to the” well-developed conspiracy “claim” in Steele’s papers. Durham is reportedly scrutinizing Danchenko’s previous work. Brookings Institution..

Professor Stefan Halper of the University of Cambridge FBI Informant 2016 and Recorded discussion There are at least three Trump 2016 campaign members (Page, Papadopoulos, Campaign Co-Chair Sam Clovis).Collusion rejection Due to the Trump campaign, the companion was not offered to the FISA court.

FBI agent William Burnett, who handled Flynn’s case in 2016 and 2017, called the Trump and Russian investigation “clues of conspiracy” and many investigators went out to “get Trump.” Claimed to be. DOJ Said Burnett said Harper’s allegations about Flynn were inaccurate.

The new report also said, “beyond the role of an outside tipster,” Durham “looked at how the FBI first launched the investigation.”

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok Admitted Last year, he mistakenly got an important element about the origin of the Trump-Russian investigation in his book, following a question from the Washington Examiner.

“Opening electronic communication” create Approved by Struzock at the end of July 2016 by FBI counterintelligence official Bill Priestap. The survey investigated the relationship between the Trump campaign and Russia after Downer notified the United States of allegations from Papadopoulos that the FBI had not interviewed until January 2017, when Papadopoulos was asked by Russians in April 2016. He revealed a conversation with a mysterious Maltese professor, Joseph Miffsud, who claimed to have told him he had harmful information about Clinton.

Horowitz found that the FBI’s Trump-Russian investigation had “sufficient fact-finding.”Bar and Durham disagreed with special counsel say it “We advised the Inspector General to disagree with the predictions and some of the report’s conclusions on how the FBI case was opened.”

The new report also said Durham had scrutinized the “2017 US Intelligence Report” on Russia’s espionage, adding that “it is not expected to result in criminal charges in connection with its intelligence activities.” rice field.

January 2017 assessment by the CIA, National Security Agency, and FBI Conclusion Putin “ordered an influential campaign in 2016,” and Russia “damaged public confidence in the US democratic process, slandered former Secretary of State Clinton, and her choices and potential. “Hurts the presidency” and “prefers Trump for a clear presidential election.”

Admiral Microjars of the NSA diverged from CIA Secretary John Brennan and FBI Secretary James Comey on one important side, and Putin “tried to help” Trump’s election opportunity by “distrusting” Clinton. Only “moderate trust” was expressed instead of “high trust”. “And publicly contrasted her against him.”

The Senate Intelligence Committee released a bipartisan report in April defending the 2017 assessment, “presenting a coherent and well-constructed information infrastructure in the case of unprecedented Russian intervention.” Stated.

However, a report from a Republican who heads the House Intelligence Committee in 2018 Conclusion “Putin’s decision on strategic intent … did not employ proper analytical tradecraft.”

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Durham is investigating whether the CIA Director has taken political action to put pressure on other intelligence agencies to be consistent with his conclusions about Putin’s motives.

The new report said Durham “provided evidence to the grand jury and is preparing a long report that is expected to be completed in the coming months.” Durham’s report was supposed to end “although that goal is likely to be pushed back by the end of this summer.” The report is “long and detailed, and it is expected that there will be few drastic conclusions.”

Biden Ministry of Justice Said Last month, Durham agreed to submit to the DOJ “in addition to confidential reports,” and he must also submit his final report “in a way that allows it to be disseminated publicly.” ..

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