Construction workers helped a Florida teen say goodbye to his dying mother from the roof of a hospital

Riverside Hospital in Ascension St. Vincent

Ascension St. Vincent Riverside Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, March 2020. Cliff Hawkins / Getty Images

  • Construction workers helped a teenager in Florida say goodbye to his mother, who had died of COVID-19 in a hospital.

  • Workers helped Jordan Alvarez to the roof of the hospital so she could see her mom from outside the window.

  • “The last word to my mom was a FaceTime call. I hope my kid doesn’t have to experience it,” said the 17-year-old kid. First Coast News..

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Florida construction workers helped a Florida teenager say goodbye to his mother, who died in a COVID-19 hospital and was unable to welcome visitors.

“The last word to my mom was a FaceTime call. I hope my kid doesn’t have to experience it,” said 17-year-old Jayden Alberaes. First Coast News..

Her mother, Michelle Alberas, died of COVID August 8-15 days after her first admission to Ascension St. Vincent Southside Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. First Coast News report. She was 53 years old.

The day before her mother died, Alberaes waited an hour outside the hospital while her father was in the hospital where she visited her. According to First Coast News, only one person could enter the room at a time.

“Then I looked up, and there was a construction worker,” Jayden told the outlet. “I told them the situation. I said,” My mother was going to die. Is there a way I can get to that window? ” “

According to First Coast News, construction workers gave her safety equipment, including a helmet, and took her to the roof of the building to reach the windows of her mother’s room.

“I visit with my wife, play worship music, pray for her, stroke her hair, and tell her I love her,” Jayden’s father, Mitch Alberaes, outlets. Told to. “And I hear the windows knocked. I have Jayden in a helmet, safety vest, and rubber boots.”

The family prayed together on the phone, they told the outlet.

“It was sad that I couldn’t hold her hand for the last few hours that last day, but at least I could see the window, see her, see my dad. So I was very grateful to those construction workers, “said Jayden, according to First Coast News.

Family is part Hundreds First Coast News reported that he died of COVID-19 after calling on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to intervene to allow his family to visit his family in the hospital.

“I don’t think illnesses and infectious diseases should go away when loved ones are in these critical stages,” Mitch told First Coast News.

The hospital upheld the policy in a statement. To First Coast News.

“We will do everything possible to serve our visitors within the parameters of current policies and procedures that are in place for the safety of all. In this case, the family will span multiple days. Multiple visits are allowed, said Ascension St. Vincent Southside Hospital.

‚ÄúPatient, employee and visitor health and safety are our top priorities. We always implement strict infection prevention protocols based on guidance from government health authorities such as the CDC and the Florida Department of Health. In this rapidly evolving situation, we regularly adjust our protocols and policies. “

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