Contracting Parties’ Plans to Address Fuel Costs, Affordability

Due to concerns related to living costs, such as the price of gasoline exceeding $ 2 per liter, an Ontario political party with at least one MPP at the current legislative session offered it before June 2. Let’s see where we are. vote. Political parties are presented in order from the highest to the lowest number of seats held in the legislature, and in the case of the only MPP party, the length of time the MPP has served the party.

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party

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The progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leader Doug Ford. (Canadian Press / Chris Young)

Brought by the Ford government legislation From July 1st, we will reduce fuel tax by 5.3 cents per liter and gasoline tax by 5.7 cents per liter for six months.

Progressive Conservative Party campaign About the initiative to remove license plate renewal fees and some highway tolls.The party says it is further helping the bills to pay issue gain Starting October 1, the minimum wage will be $ 15.5 per hour, which is said to help increase workers’ costs.

upon Affordable housingPC is touting plans to break bureaucratic formalism and build homes faster, with more than 100,000 new homes built in 2021 and “the highest level of new homes in a year since 1987. Will begin. “

If re-elected, the party plans to build 1.5 million new homes in 10 years, working with local governments to “remove annoying bureaucratic formalism and significantly accelerate permitting and approval of new and rental homes. I promise to do it.

In a housing initiative, the party “promoted a public transport-oriented community program and recently reached an agreement to build nearly 50,000 new housing units in the Greater Toronto Area, which is connected to transit.”

The PC added that it would crack down on “permitted speculators of land and housing that are artificially choking the supply of new homes and pushing up costs.”

They too Plan more investment Over $ 1 billion over the next three years to hire more workers in skilled trade.

Ontario New Democratic Party

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Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. (Canadian Press / Chris Young)

Ontario NDP Leader Andrew Horwath To tell She regulated retail and wholesale gas price increases, and the Ontario Energy Board has set a weekly amount that will bring reasonable profits to fuel companies.

To deal with other bills to pay issues, the party To tell It creates a local food strategy focused on locally procured food, adding that plans to regulate gas prices will also reduce food transportation costs.

Regarding electricity bills, NDP says it will support home renovations to increase the energy efficiency of homes and reduce electricity bills. “Expand clean renewables” such as hydro, wind and solar, “improve grid-scale storage and establish key grid interconnects between Quebec and Manitoba, cost-effective It enables the import of electricity. “

The party also said it would work with the federal government to find ways to implement a $ 10 daily childcare program sooner and reduce pre-school and after-school childcare fees.

As for housing, NDP says it will set up a new public agency to build affordable homes for 250,000 units, introducing speculation and vacancy taxes on residential properties. We will also end “exclusive zoning” to increase the supply of affordable housing options.

For lessees, the party has reinstated rent management, ensuring that new lessees “pay the amount paid by the last tenant by abolishing vacancy deregulation” and through portable housing benefits for 311,000 households. It says it will support rent payments.

How about Higher educationNDP states that it will convert student loans into grants, retroactively remove interest on student loans and cancel reductions to Ontario’s student support programs.

Ontario Liberal Party

Stephen del Duca, leader of the new Ontario Liberal Party
Stephen del Duca, leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario. (Frank Gun / Canadian Press)

The Liberal Party, led by former Win government minister Stephen del Duca, plans to keep the fuel tax cut introduced by the Ford government at 5.3 cents per liter and the gas tax cut at 5.7 cents per liter for six months. A party spokesman said. Epoch Times by email.

For other affordable issues, the party To tell Fully covered by the state HST for less than $ 20 side dishes, a 1% additional tax on Ontario businesses that earn more than $ 1 billion a year, and a 2% income tax increase on people with an annual income of more than $ 500,000. Delete the plan. ..

We will also raise the minimum wage to $ 16 per hour and develop a “living wage that takes into account living costs in different parts of the state.”

In terms of housing, the Liberal Party will build 1.5 million new homes over the next decade, “following the rules and bureaucracy that push up housing costs and prices.”

Some of the initiatives launched to build new homes are “unleashing more rural land by filling power lines and redeveloping underutilized strip malls and offices.” We may introduce new taxes to developers sitting in vacant homes and land in urban areas. “

The Liberal Party also said, “By reviving rent management throughout Ontario, we will prevent sudden rent increases.”

After secondary educationThe party says it will give more money to the Ontario Student Assistance Program to help students pay for college. It will also eliminate interest on student loans.

Ontario green party

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Ontario leader Mike Schreiner’s Greens. (Canadian Press / Jeff Robins)

The Greens, led by the first MPP Mike Schleiner, are looking for a systematic solution to reduce transportation costs, rather than focusing on reducing fuel costs. We also want to build a community that does not require electrification and rebates for electric vehicles, reduced transportation costs, and long round-trip commute to work.

For other affordable issues, the party To tell Starting at $ 16 in 2022, the minimum wage will be raised by $ 1 each year, even higher in cities with higher living costs. It also states that it will introduce a basic income program in stages.

In terms of housing, Greens will invest $ 1 billion annually to build 182,000 new affordable community rental homes over the next decade, at least 20% affordable for all housing projects over a certain size. It states that it needs a unit for the price. The party will also allow single-family homes to be split into multiple condominiums, end blind bids, implement down payment support programs, and provide incentives for first-time homebuyers.

In the case of lessees, the party has stated that it will restore rent management for all units and expand financial support. It also imposes a “speculative tax” on people and businesses that own more than one property in the state, taxing them to discourage them from leaving their homes or flipping through real estate, and money laundering. I will crack down.

In the case of higher education, Greens would “convert the loan into a grant for low- and middle-income post-higher education students.”

Ontario’s new blue party

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Ontario leader Jim Calaharios’ new blue party. (Distribution)

The New Blue Party, led by lawyer Jim Karahalios, plans to abolish the carbon tax and reduce the HST from 13% to 10%.

The party currently has one MPP, Belinda Calaharios, and Jim’s wife in the legislature. He was elected as a PC candidate, It was erased From the party to oppose Ford government law to give the government more power to extend emergency orders.

New Blue also plans to target by reducing electricity costs. Wind turbineAccording to Karaharios, it occupies a small part of the power generation capacity, but the price has been raised significantly.

“Abolish them and get rid of them to lower electricity prices,” he said in an interview.

Regarding affordable housing, the party opposes the federal government’s plan to increase immigration levels, which will increase demand for housing. On the housing supply side, Kalaharios says his party will focus on “reducing bureaucracy” in order to be able to build more units.

“We have to review bureaucratic formalism and regulation, and many industries, not just housing,” he said. “Planning law is a patchwork of various state and local laws and regulations, which are applied differently based on different jurisdictions.”

Kalaharios said that his party has a set of rules and plans for everyone, “of the planning process, so that people who are” friends with the lobbyists who run the established party “have no special advantage. It is said to guarantee that there is “clarity and consistency”.

Ontario party

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Derek Sloan, leader of the Ontario Party. (Canadian Press / Adrian Wild)

The Ontario Party, led by former Conservative Derek Sloan, schedule Abolish state sales tax on gasoline and diesel when prices are high, and abolish state and industry carbon taxes while challenging the federal carbon tax. The party also said it would develop strategic petroleum reserves “to ease consumers during supply shocks and boost demand during crises.”

The Ontario Party has one MPP, Rick Nicholls, at the current session of Parliament. Rick Nichols was elected as a PC, but he left after refusing to vaccinate COVID-19.

For more affordable energy, the party promoted an “energy corridor” between Ontario and Alberta, focusing on making Ontario and Canada energy self-sufficient, “Green Energy. It says it will partner with Ontario to “eliminate fraud.”

To keep housing costs down, the party gives real estate owners the freedom to build multi-unit homes, secures Ontario’s right to set immigration policies similar to Quebec, and uses that power to immigrate to the state. Buyers who buy homes and vacant lots and fight money laundering, which has affected real estate prices, say they will lower rates and ban foreigners.

Regarding the cost of post-secondary education, the Ontario Party said it would lower tuition fees for programs in demand in the labor market and make it “substantially free” for qualified applicants to train in skilled trade. I am. Subsidies for programs that are not in demand in the labor market will also be removed.

Canadian Press contributed to this report.

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