Convoy demonstrations will be “large”, Ottawa police chief says warning of potential “lone wolf” threat

Thousands of truck drivers are heading to Ottawa for a large-scale demonstration against forced vaccination and other pandemic restrictions, and Ottawa City and Ottawa Police Service (OPS) officials are preparing for the demonstration. We provided the latest information on Friday.

OPS chief Peter Sloly said the main demonstration will take place in Ottawa over the weekend of January 29-30, but the organizers will continue to protest until next week.

“This weekend’s demos will be unique, fluid, risky and important. These demonstrations are national and large in scale. Unfortunately, they are essentially two. It has been extreme and has been in a very stressful and tragic global epidemic for almost two years, “Sloly said at a press conference on January 28.

“The organizers advised us that this would be a peaceful demonstration,” Sory added, adding that some small in the city center as protesters have already begun to arrive in Ottawa. I pointed out that the demonstration was done. “It was peaceful and safe.”

A huge convoy, including truck drivers from all over the country and some from the United States, was triggered by the Federal COVID-19 Vaccine Directive for cross-border truck drivers. Since then, it has attracted the attention of Canadians who are upset by the restrictions and obligations of pandemics, and many have joined and supported convoys.

More than 10,000 truck drivers are expected to gather in the capital and rally under the group Canada Unity.. The group reiterated on January 28 that Freedom Convoy was “peaceful and legitimate action.” “There are embedded stirrers that we are fully aware of.”

OPS said it was in constant contact with key convoy organizers, including eight convoy leaders.

However, Sloly is a “parallel demonstrator” who was not fully involved by the police, and a “social media actor” who “still instigates hatred, violence, and some people” who cannot participate directly. I warned that there was. Crime can occur in our city. ”

In response to potential threats from these “lonely wolf individuals,” police investigated “demonstrators or those who acted violently or violated the law in connection with the demonstrations, and if necessary. I’m ready to arrest, prosecute, and prosecute. “

“We have the ability and commitment to pursue investigation and prosecution even after the demonstration is over,” he said.

On January 27, the Security Officer of the House of Commons said Sergeant-at-Arms Patrick McDonell, warning About the possibility of doxing (making personal information available online and targeted) for some lawmakers living in the Ottawa area.

“If things get volatile and security is at stake, call 911 and consider evacuating from your current location,” he wrote on social media.

On Thursday, Conservative Rep. Pierre Poirievre opposed reports of convoys as radicals after reporters asked about his views. “Extreme elements” I’m trying to throw myself into a protest.

Poilievre said the question itself talks about the bigger question of how the “liberal media” portrays protests organized by conservative groups.

“What I find interesting is that when there was a left-wing protest on Parliamentary Hill, the liberal media went through all the names of the people in attendance and tried to find one who could despise the whole thing. Group by not seeing what you do, “he said.

He added that it is normal for so many people to say “unacceptable”, but those individuals should be held accountable, not the entire group.

“It’s the hard-working, law-abiding, peaceful thousands of people we’ve lived frankly for the past two years by packing grocery shelves with the food you eat. It doesn’t mean to look down on a truck driver, and fill your home with the products you rely on. “

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Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.