Convoy organizer Tamara Lich refuses bail and remains in custody awaiting judgment


Tamara Lich, the organizer of the Freedom Convoy, was denied bail after appearing in court in Ottawa on July 8. She is detained awaiting a motion allegedly violating her previously set bail conditions. Her judgment is scheduled for July 14.

Defendant lawyer Lawrence Greenspon said Lich was “naturally disappointed” and wanted to regain his freedom as soon as possible.

The hearing was held after Lich claimed to have violated the bail conditions when he attended the awards ceremony in Toronto on June 16.

Military veteran Marazzo volunteered as a spokesman for the truck driver’s Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa in February, calling for the federal government to remove the COVID-19 vaccine and other restrictions. ..

At Rich’s last hearing on July 5, prosecutor Moise Karimsey claimed she had violated bail conditions at a ceremony in Toronto where Rich was awarded the 2022 George Jonas Freedom Award. I presented the pictures of Rich and Marazzo who appeared together as evidence. A video recording of Rich approaching Marazzo and showing the two interacting was also presented in court.

At the hearing, Greenspon pointed out that the short congratulatory exchange after receiving the award did not lead to illegal activity and was not a breach of bail conditions. The court also heard testimony that lawyers attending the event approved the photos of Rich and Marazzo. Greenspon said Lich’s bail conditions specify that he must not be contacted by the convoy organizer except in the presence of a lawyer.

But on July 8, security judge Paul Harris was “absolutely ridiculous” to believe that Lich chose to sit at the table with Marazo and that she could justify her interaction with Marazzo. “He said he was standing by the crown. There is her lawyer in her room.

Harris still said Rich Continues to pose risks to public safetyBecause some Freedom Convoy protests continue to be held from time to time in Ottawa.

On July 8, dozens of supporters gathered outside the courtroom with the Canadian flag and a sign that says “Free Tamara.”

Bail, rear rest

As the main organizer of the Freedom Convoy, Lich was first arrested on February 17 and charged with counseling to commit mischief and interfere with police.

She was initially denied bail by Judge Julie Bourgeois of the Ontario State Court on February 22, and was detained for 19 days after Judge John M. Johnston of the Ontario State Court overturned the bourgeoisie decision. , Was released on March 7th. Mr Johnston said the bourgeoisie weighed Lich’s crimes against the impact on Ottawa’s population, rather than other criminal offenses. He said the criminal law was too subjective in their assessment of gravity.

Lich was released under a number of bail conditions, including no contact with fellow convoy organizers and failure to set foot in Ontario.

In April, the Center for Constitutional Freedom selected Rich as the recipient of the 2022 George Jonas Freedom Award and invited her to a ceremony in Toronto on June 16.

In May, the prosecutor said that by agreeing to attend the award ceremony, Lich violated the bail conditions and should be sent back to prison to await trial. Then on May 25, Judge Kevin Phillips of the Ontario Superior Court ruled that Lich did not violate the bail conditions, stating that “the court is not the Thought Police.”

However, on June 27, shortly after attending the awards ceremony, Lich was re-arrested in his hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta, and transferred to Ottawa for a bail hearing. Since then she has been detained.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.

Limin Zhou


Limin Zhou is an Ottawa-based reporter.