Convoy organizers, all three levels of government, have acknowledged full involvement in the investigation into emergency law.

Ottawa — A member of the investigation investigating the use of Ottawa’s emergency law to put an end to the February “freedom convoy” protest has given status to organizers, police, and representatives at all three levels of government. rice field.

Paul Rouleaux’s decision, announced on Monday, was specific to those who were admitted to the candidacy, including the opportunity to be informed in advance of the information submitted as evidence prior to the investigation and to propose or cross-examine witnesses. It means giving privileges.

Full status at the hearing was given to the federal government, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ottawa and Windsor cities, Ontario, Ottawa Police Services, Ontario Police, and a fleet including Tamara Rich and Tom Marazzo. Is the organizer of. , And Chris Barber.

Former Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly was allowed to prepare documents, submit facts, evidence, and policy-related issues, investigate witnesses, and the Manitoba State Government was granted permission to provide written submissions.

However, Roulo denied confronting the Conservative Party of Canada and several participants in the protest, some of which frozen bank accounts under the law.

Rouleau said it was important that the investigation remained an independent, nonpartisan process, noting that there was also a special joint committee of the Senate and the House of Commons on a state of emergency to consider using the power of law.

Canadian press