Convoy to Winnipeg still planned despite withdrawal from main organizer

Planners for February’s motorcade rally in Winnipeg say the event will continue to take place after the main organizer said it was pulling out citing security concerns and personal attacks against him. I’m here.

“Although Convoy 2.0 has been cancelled, World Unity Convoy 2023 is proceeding as scheduled in Winnipeg, Manitoba on February 17, 2023,” said organizer Ron Clark on Facebook Live. video January 2nd.

James Bowder, who runs the Unity Canada website and helped organize the Freedom Convoy last winter, issued a statement on December 30 that he was withdrawing from the event.

In explaining his reasons for canceling the Freedom Convoy 2.0 organizing attempt, Bauder said, “I have experienced several security breaches and have been personally harassed by Team Canada Unity against me and others. attack was made.

His original plan was to return to the Ottawa area, but on Christmas Day Winnipeg was announced as the new destination.

In response to Bowder’s statement, Clarke linked it to people who believe the event has been cancelled.

“I can unequivocally state that this was not canceled in any way,” he said.

Organizer Serena “Freedom Bear” Winterburn It took Send to Facebook to provide details on how the event is progressing and how it is organized.

“This was never a Canada Unity event,” she said. “We have many voices using different organizations, brands, names and titles, but this is not brought to you by those groups.”

She said she would be involved in “weaving” different visions surrounding the event.

These different visions have clearly led to infighting, as a Facebook post from the organizers revealed.

Clark said in the video that the convoy had not been “hijacked” and that the matter was proceeding according to a “group decision of like-minded individuals.”

Bowder, meanwhile, told The Epoch Times that he was “heartbroken” about the withdrawal.

Bowder said he faced charges such as mischief over his participation in last year’s Freedom Convoy, and that it would be important to defeat them before newcomers could participate in similar events.

“When we are all free – when we can all ‘roll as one family’, only then will the Official Freedom Convoy go from 10-7 (out of service) to 10-8 (in service and all Calling a person) will be a Canadian),” he wrote on December 30. statement.

Winnipeg police, meanwhile, told the Epoch Times that they are currently evaluating online information related to the planned event and would have no further comment.

According to Clark, the program will include activities such as speeches, entertainment by DJs and “divine ceremonies.”

Noe Chartier

Noé Chartier is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Montreal. Twitter: @NChartierET Gettr: @nchartieret