Convoy Tracker isn’t happy that the DC driver keeps playing him

Being a member of the truck convoy Currently orbiting the DC beltway Literally for birds.

This is because many of the vehicles that share the so-called highway People’s Convoy Protesters look down on the group’s willingness Constrain traffic Vaccines that are already gone or are being phased out by flipping birds on participating trucks are beyond their obligations.

The Daily Beast’s Zachary Petrizzo interviewed one truck driver who wasn’t excited about the reaction of other drivers.

“We go around the ring road and birds are flying. Birds are flying everywhere. It’s the kind of people who live there,” said an unidentified protester.

And yes, there is a video.

The driver told Petritso, his group said, “I’m trying to straighten. [Washington, D.C.] Out, we’re trying to clean it up, that’s all, we’re trying to clean it up. “

but, Raw Story wrote “As the Supreme Court withdrew President Joe Biden’s vaccine obligations, the group’s requirements were unclear, and the requirement for indoor masks across the United States was completely lifted in the last few weeks.”

Many Twitter users had a theory about why Washington drivers “turned over” the convoy.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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