Cooper does not hide what the cowboys are thinking as they roll

Arlington, Texas (AP) — Amari Cooper rejects next offer 44-20 wins over New York in Dallas It was even more impressive as the start was sloppy and the Giants at the end of the game lasted longer than they should have been.

The receiver’s reaction shows where the Cowboys think they can go after four consecutive victories in which the Opener suffered a last-second defeat to Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay.

“We don’t have to make those mistakes,” said Cooper, who had a 24-yard touchdown catch. “It’s about us and our standards, who we want to be, where we’re going.”

Cooper has not denied that Dallas (4-1) is already leading the NFC East in two games on Sunday’s trip to New England. Don’t worry that the Cowboys haven’t been there since the 1995 season.

“When you’re on a roll like this, you start thinking about the Super Bowl. That’s the reality,” Cooper said. “The closer you get, the more you want it, and the more you worry about the little things.”

The mistake was quarterback Dak Prescott’s two-time first-quarter sales. First intercept that stopped the opening drive And the second Failed snaps and fumbles When Dallas was on the 5-yard line in New York.

Prescott bounced off with a 302-yard pass and three touchdowns against the same opponent at the same stadium on the same weekend as last year’s right ankle fracture at the end of the season. Prescott can finally say that the injury is forever behind him.

“Finally, I hugged (athletic trainer) Britt Brown and said he knew what this meant,” Prescott said. “I thanked him and I’m glad it’s behind us. I think this was the last shovel to fill this thing.”

What is working

Interceptions continue to come for the defense of Dallas. Trevon Diggs has at least one in all five games and six leading the NFL. Anthony Browne’s 45-yard intercept return for touchdown Dallas League Extended in the Second Half-Returning to last year, the best winning streak of at least two takeouts to nine games. For the first time since 2006-07, the Cowboys have made at least one passcut in eight consecutive games.

What you need help with

Tight-end Blake Jarwin’s role in the attack remains a mystery when considering success in the plans of attack coordinator Keren Moore, who has recovered from a knee injury since the first week of last year. Jarwin was shut out for the first time this season against New York while Dalton Schultz had the team’s best six catches at 79 yards. Jarwin finally won his first TD last week, but this year’s catch is only nine. Schultz leads the cowboy at 26.


Two-time rush champion Ezekiel Elliott and back-up Tony Pollard’s running back tandem are turning into something special. Both had over 100 scrimmage yards against the Giants. Elliott was in a hurry 110 yards with a touchdown and a 4-yard receive score. Polard ended with 75 rushes and 28 receives. Polard never had a series of games in which at least 60 yards were in a hurry in his two or more seasons, before his current streak of at least four games in that number.

Reduce inventory

Pylon, at least according to Elliott. When he fell into the pylon containing the camera, he missed two plays to check his back. And that’s not their only difficult place, Elliott said. “I think it’s bubbling, but it’s difficult,” Elliott said. He said he also felt pain in his ribs. “The foundation is also difficult. It’s definitely not soft. It definitely hurts. It stabbed me a bit. I lost the wind.”


Stephen Jones, vice president of human resources, said the cowboys got out of the game in good shape. If another match takes place before Open Week, the Cowboys may postpone the return of S Donovan Wilson (base of the leg), DE Drance Armstrong (ankle) and WR Michael Gallup (calf).

Key number

1983 — That was the last time the Cowboys had passed at least 300 yards in the same game and rushed 200 yards. They finished 515 yards against the Giants. Dallas had an average of 201 yards in the previous three games on the ground after rushing just 60 yards against the opener Buccaneers.

Next step

The Cowboys are 0-5 against the Patriots in the Bill Belichick era, with an overall losing streak of 6 dating back to 1999. The latest Dallas victory was 1996, the latest time the Cowboys were defending the Super Bowl champions. Winning the Super Bowl six times at Belichick gives another reason to believe the Cowboys are building something, even if New England isn’t at the championship level.


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