“Coping with it,” the woman tells the suffocating child before fainting at the FL restaurant, police say

A 27-year-old woman was charged with neglecting her child after fainting on a restaurant deck, according to a Florida agent.

The agent responded to the restaurant at the Emerald Grande Hotel in Destin on November 15 after receiving a report from a woman identified as Ariel Hope. Fainting while a one year old child is caring for, According to a news release from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

Lawmakers said they had a hard time waking up Hope. Hope was unable to stand on his own or answer questions consistently.

Witnesses told the agent, “At some point, the toddler seemed to choke the cherry blossoms, and Hope told her to’# & # S @ deal with it,'” according to the release. ..

Witnesses also said Hope had fallen to the ground while the child was still in her hands, according to the agent.

Witnesses said they took care of the infant in a single thin layer of clothing until the agent arrived.

It is said that the temperature at that time was about 60 degrees Celsius due to cold wind.

According to his release, the hope was detained and charged with the child’s negligence without causing great physical harm.

Destin is about 640 miles northwest of Miami.

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