Cops say Raiders Henry Rag yelled at them after a deadly drunken crash

Steve Marcus / Getty

Steve Marcus / Getty

Police reported that the Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Lux III was inconsistent and combative after a high-speed drunk driving accident that killed a young woman. I tried to pull out the IV at the hospital and shouted to the policeman.

“Get me out of here,” exclaimed 22-year-old Ragus while he was being treated at a university medical center. Las Vegas TV station KLAS..

The prosecutor crashed behind the Toyota RAV4 at 156 mph at Corvette Stingray after having a party at a fashionable golf venue with blood alcohol levels in Ragus at .161, which is twice the legal limit, in court on Wednesday. I made it clear that I did. ..

“I can’t remember this fast speed in my bench career,” said Justice of the Peace Joe Bonaventure, who set bail at $ 150,000, despite prosecutors demanding $ 1 million. Stated.

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<p>  Henry Ruggs III will catch during the match against the Baltimore Ravens in September.</ p> </ div> </p>
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Henry Ruggs III will catch during the match against the Baltimore Ravens in September.

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Henry Ruggs III was caught during a match against Baltimore Ravens in September.

Ethan Miller / Getty

The RAV4 was thrown 570 feet down the Rainbow Bullbird. Tina Tinter, 23, and her dog Maxi were killed despite the good Samaritans trying to free them.

“We thought we could certainly do something. The fire at that time was very small,” he said. Tony Rodriguez told KTNV.. “It just grew fast. It’s really fast. There was one county worker with a fire extinguisher. It didn’t work. It wasn’t enough. It was very fast.”

He said Tinter wasn’t killed immediately.

“She was actually still alive. I could hear her breathing. She was wearing a seatbelt and I was trying to cut it out. I grabbed their shoulders and tried to pull them out, It didn’t work, “Rodriguez said. “They were fastened. Seat belts were worn, airbags got in the way, and doors were clogged.”

Ruggs and his girlfriend Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington were taken to the hospital where the athlete refused a blood alcohol test. The judge later signed a warrant for it.

The police officer who responded said Ragus’s speech was unclear and he was uncooperative.

“When medical staff advised Ruggs to stop removing medical devices, Ruggs began shouting,’Get me out of here,'” the report said.

“Rag kept yelling from his bed, refusing to listen to hospital staff, and yelling that they weren’t doing anything for him.”

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<p>The rug warmed up before last year’s match against Indianapolis Colts.</ p> </ div> </p>
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The rug warmed up before last year’s match against Indianapolis Colts.

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Rag warms up before last year’s match against Indianapolis Colts.

Chris Unger / Getty

After being charged with two felony in a fatal accident, the player released from the Raiders just said he was on his way home when he hit Tinter’s car.

“When I talked to Ragus, I asked him if he could open his eyes,” the officer wrote. “At that time, Ragus refused to answer questions or open his eyes to cooperate.”

However, Kilgo-Washington allegedly told police that the couple were drinking at Top Golf, which has 120 driving ranges and five bars on the MGM Grand.

Rug’s lawyers are asking the public to “hold judgment until all facts have been collected.”

Tinter’s family hasn’t commented publicly, but is a friend Told KVVU She is a Serbian immigrant, trying to get US citizenship and was planning to study computer programming.

“I love you very much. I wish I could say goodbye. See you in the next life,” Bojana Filipovich said when she put the candles on the crash site.

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