Cori Bush fired after two deputy sheriffs provided private security to “refund police”


Two members of Sheriff St. Louis were dismissed after providing security to them. Cori BushMissouri Democrats Face Criticism To Advocate Refund police funds While requesting her own security details.

Last month, Congressmen Tyrant Jackson and Maurice Thompson were fired. by St. Louis dispatch.. Sheriff Vernonbetts said the decision had nothing to do with the person who hired them to provide security.

“I didn’t fire them as Cori Bush guards,” Betts told the outlets. “I fired them because I didn’t follow the proper procedure to work secondarily. So they happened to be working for Cori Bush. Who would have done what they did? You would have been fired even if you worked for. “

Jackson, one of the dismissed lawmakers I told KMO V-TV He believes his expulsion is “unfair and unjust” because of “the client we worked for” and because they “did not impose the sheriff’s agenda on the client”. I guessed.

Members of the “Squad” spent up to $ 32,000 on private security while defending police defense

When asked about the dismissal, Bush’s campaign said such issues were “handled by the particular company held.”

Earlier this month, President Bush faced a backlash by promoting the use of private security while advocating “police defense.”

“I know there was an attempt in my life, so I’m going to make sure I’m safe,” Congressman said. Told on CBS News.. “So smoke it. And you need to refund the police money. We are trying to save lives, so we need to refund the police and put that money into the social safety net … people It’s causing it. It’s two completely different things. “

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Republican Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt said there was “hypocrisy” in Bush’s actions.

“It’s incredibly reckless for Congressman Bush to secure his personal safety and tell others to suck it up when he’s seeking police defense,” Schmidt said. .. “On the other hand, in St. Louis, the number of murders was the highest in 50 years as violent crimes intensified last year. It’s just a complete disconnect from reality,” he said.

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