Cori Bush’s call to Defund the Police rejected 2-1


It turns out that the United States loves police and, as a result, refuses a liberal call in Washington to defend law enforcement.

With a biased 2-1 difference, it’s likely a new voter Rasmussen Report The investigation disagreed with the anti-police sentiment aired by Congressman Cori Bush, a member of the “squad,” who said last week that “police defense must take place.” You need to defend the police and put the money into the social safety net. “

According to Rasmussen, about 63% disagreed and 31% agreed to the call for cash.

Voters also agree, by 57% to 33%, that “new Washington Democrats will attack all law enforcement officers and degrading them.”

The investigation also revealed the depth of support that law enforcement officers have. We found that 71% rated the police station as “good” to “excellent.”

According to a survey previewed by Secret, 68% of the important question that police are racist is “I don’t think most police officers are racist.”

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Original author: Paul Bedard

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