Coronavirus reaches its highest peak in the world

During a mountain flight from Kathmandu, Nepal, you can see the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest and other Himalayan mountains from the window of the aircraft.

Everest’s resumption will be hit in Covid’s case

At least one climber on Everest tested positive for Covid-19 just weeks after the world’s tallest mountain was reopened by climbers after a year of closure.

Norwegian mountaineer Arend Ness was quarantined in the hospital for eight nights because of the virus, he told the BBC.

His party Sherpa were also reportedly tested positive for the virus.

The outbreak is a blow to Nepal, which relies heavily on the income generated from the Everest expedition.

Ness doesn’t know where he caught the virus, but raised the possibility of catching the virus at one of the coffee shops along the Khumbu Valley.

He added that he might have been more enthusiastic about washing his hands and could have done “more” to protect himself, such as wearing a mask all day long.

“Few people used masks for trekking,” recalled Ness, who had been sick for about six days in the mountains before evacuating by helicopter on April 15.

He was taken to two different hospitals in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and tested positive for the virus three times.

He then recovered, tested negative on April 22, and is now living with a friend in the city.

Hundreds of foreign climbers are expected to attempt climbing this spring season, which began in April after the slopes were closed by a pandemic.

According to the Kathmandu Post, Nepal earns $ 4 million (£ 3.1 million) by issuing an Everest mountaineering permit each year, in addition to increasing tourism revenue.

According to the Nepalese Immigration Department, all travelers entering Nepal are required to present a negative Covid report taken within 72 hours of their first flight.

Passengers from counties with the new Covid variant will be subject to an additional 10 days of hotel quarantine. If the test returns negative after 5 days, you can spend the remaining 5 days in your home quarantine.

Reported by the BBC’s Waiyae Yip.

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